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January 19 2005

Shots of David and Jaime attending the Golden Globes. Looking sharp as ever.

Actually, they're attending the InStyle Golden Globes after-party, and not the awards ceremony itself. Lovely pics!
Too bad they cut off the top of DBs head in 3 of the 4 pictures. He looks great though!
Er, am I dreaming, or is that a vampire bite mark on her neck?(cackles)
he's great

[ edited by charisma on 2005-01-19 19:41 ]
Too bad Jaime isn't taller so she could have blocked more of the WB logo with her head.
LOL, bloodflowers! I had the same thought!

DB = still smokin' in the new year. And Jaime's not looking half-bad, either. Yowza.

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