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January 19 2005

DVD Times' Wonderfalls DVD review. If you're going to read only one review for the DVD, let it be this one.

Um--why? Seems kinda cranky. Expert about the technical stuff, but cranky about the show itself. I'm still looking forward to seeing the entire run of episodes. Then I'll judge for myself.
Definitely looking forward to these...and I can't believe I only saw four episodes, as it definitely felt like I had a deeper relationship with the show.

As far as the review, it was mostly positive, and it's nice that they admit some faults--I loved Wonderfalls, but it was, after all, still getting used to itself. But yeah, Maeve, the reviewer was a little cranky in spots...I, personally, enjoyed the fourth episode, and definitely didn't find it, "sanctimonious in the extreme." And what was he expecting from a throwaway music video based on the theme song of a television show? Yeah, it's goofy, but I'm sure nobody had any higher aspirations...

Anyway...looking forward to these.
Definitely looking forward to this, though there's only 2 episodes I haven't seen, it'll be nice to see them all in the correct order.

My set was posted today, not quite sure how that happened though.
DVD Times do the most comprehensive reviews, and to use that much maligned phrase I find them "fair and balanced". Have to say I disagree with what the reviewer said about the video, I thought it was cute and funny.
Wound-up Penguin wasn't the fourth episode to air, the one with the early high school reunion was. They changed the episode order around on the DVDs, so now it's fourth, but it was the third ep when Fox aired it. (I'm a picky bastard)

And was it just me or did it seem like the reviewer doesn't like TV much?
I honestly tried to like "Wonderfalls", but just couldn't.

I read the review until the guy trashed "Malcolm in the Middle". Then I told him (per Seinfeld) to step off.
Damnit, we're not getting the French soundtrack?! I wanted to hear how Dhavernas did her role again in French!

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