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January 19 2005

Buffy VS The Bride. After recent articles pitting Buffy against Sydney from Alias and Jessica Biel's character from Blade:Trinity, women's basketball star Sebnem Kimyacioglu offers her opinion on whether Buffy or Beatrix would win in a fight.

Although I hate to admit it, although I think Buffy would give her a run for her money, there is no escaping that woman! (For anybody who doesn't believe me, try contacting a member of the Crazy 88). There ain't nobody gettin past that samaurai sword. However if it was Faith against Uma, I think the dark slayer would take the victory, because I gotta say, I think that girl would get as down, dirty and dishonourable as she could to win the battle!

I HATE these questions!!
Aside from them being generally annoying, they are not specific enough. For instance, are they fighting hand to hand? or do they have swords? or knives?
Also, when people are asked these questions they seem to completely forget that Buffy has superpowers. Like the Buffy vs Abigail, or the Buffy vs Sydney, or this one as well.
I love Alias as well but Buffy would beat the hell out of Sydney, and Abigail would be no harder than an everyday vamp. I think the only one who would pose a challenge would be the Bride, but Buffy would still win.
Sydney is human and she uses guns, Buffy is superhuman and hates guns.

How would the fights be made equal also?
Buffy is superhuman so she already has the upper hand, but Syd can't use a gun because that wouldn't equal it out. The Bride shouldn't be able to use her sword without Buffy using a sword, but that isn't a one on one fight. Weapons shouldn't be involved in a one on one fight, but then Buffy would clearly win as she has superpowers (and she is a better fighter).

Any person who asks thes questions should be shot. (In the foot, but if they do it again then they get the head shot)
The thing I see that stands in the way of this is that Beatrix got down and dirty because she swore revenge on those who ruined her life. Buffy didn't, so the same emotion that she used to kill everyone wouldn't be there.
Exactly! Buffy has super powers, for cryin' out loud! Although I must say that of any of the posed possible opponents, The Bride would have the best chance against her. She was amazing!

But still. Super powers. No question who would win.
But with that sword!!!! I think that it would be a very close match between them, but the way the Bride is, I still think she would win (and the amount of stuff she's survived - shot three times, buried alive etc - the woman is invincible) although Buffy has been shot once, buried alive once so instead of fighting why dont they bond?!!!
Pffft, as much as I love Buffy and Faith, Uma would mow them both down with nary a backward glance!
Would the astronauts have weapons?

Sorry, wrong arguement...
"Would the astronauts have weapons?
Sorry, wrong arguement..."

Hah! Good one.

As for this 'versus' stuff, it is a juvenile and pointless waste of valuable time...and I LOVE it! Lemme see.... Well I think that Buffy and Faith can take down a lot of non-superpowered opponents like Sydney and such... So any opponent that would be able to beat them would have to be either superpowered too (Dark Angel? Nah, she'd get flattened) or be exceptionally skilled, being able to make up for various levels of an opponent's superiority (higher numbers, greater strenght, stuff like that).....

That's why a Batman or a Daredevil can take down far more powerful opponents. That's why Elektra (the REAL Elektra) or a Shang Chi can take down cyborgs and other superpowered folk. Skill is the no 1 factor in any fight.

And yeah, the Bride would make short work of them. Sorry Slayers, but I seen her handiwork and you ain't on that level. And no, Faith would stand no more chance than Buffy. She has more spunk than Buffy but Faith is far less trained than the Bride. She is rash and doesn't think things through much. The Bride would use that against her. No chance.

Buffy is more level headed but still nowhere near the skill level of the Bride. And neither Slayer has the ruthless steel in their veins that this gal has.

Sorry, it's Beatrix Kiddo all the way;-)

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I can't believe they got rid of two Predators so quickly in AVP. Oh wait! That's the wrong discussion too. My bad.
I've always wanted to know who would win! I say The Bride, 'cause she has NO SUPERPOWERS and managed to kill tons of people without remorse. Now Evil!Faith and The Bride might be a match. . .
Emotionless-season6!Buffy has as good a chance as Faith. Buffy would win. I have no doubt
"Emotionless-season6!Buffy has as good a chance as Faith. Buffy would win. I have no doubt "

Becaaaause... being bummed, lifeless and depressed makes you a better fighter? Interesting. Nah, sorry. Evil, emotionless, whatever. Neither Buffy nor Faith were ever even close to the Bride's level of skill or training.
Buffy would send The Bride to Hell, and make sure she stayed there. Buffy would win in a heartbeat. She stopped The Master; she stopped Angelus, a giant snake demon thing, and the First Evil. Yeah, The Master killed her; she had Willow's help with Angelus, the whole school's help for the Mayor, and an army of potential slayers. But she's way more experienced and Buffy would win in the end.
Buffy might lose. But a fully activated River? She would win.
River would just kill her with her brain!

Oh, and I think Buffy would win. The whole thing behind the Bride's strength was pure and simple. She just wanted revenge. She wasn't strong enough in the beginning of the movie to protect herself and was left for dead. It was only after she woke up, thought her baby was dead that she had the strength to take them all on. Buffy has taken out a God (even though she let Giles finish her/him off) an army of ubervamps and can dust a bunch of vampires in less than a few seconds - I think she's got plenty of skills.
I think we've been over this. The Hulk would win, because while Superman is extra-tough and stronger than an Earth human, the madder the Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. No contest.
If Tarantino wrote the script I guess the Bride would chop Buffy into a lot of very small pieces and tell Dawn that if she wanted revenge she could look her up.

If Joss wrote the script Buffy would go into primeval mode, turn the Brides sword into a dove, quiz her on the plural of nemesises cause clearly Beatrix would know, use the Scythe to perform instant heart and brain surgery and quip on the way out the door 'If she crawls out of a grave again, she will at least have had the decency to die first'.
hmm.. River versus Beatrix, wow, that would be a nice fight.

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