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January 19 2005

Tru Calling, Dead and Unaired. The series is over, and the 6 episodes that they made, will remain unseen.

They confirmed, 4 months after "delaying" the premiere and cutting the order, that they had lied after all.

I don't see what you're referring to on the page to which you linked, but there's a similar story that was posted here earlier.
Okay, from what I found there, that report was dated back to September, 2004. A few links down.. I'm pretty sure that Gail Berman (I think?) reported that the actual 6 episodes of the second season would indeed BE shown. I'm so confused, but who cares?

Give me Faith!
They announced yesterday that the series will remain unaired, refer to the notes on the right margin.
From what we know, to this POINT, they've remained unaired but I don't think that's enough to assume that they lied after all. There's been definite delay for sure, yes, but is that even enough to go on to say that they will never be seen?
"We finished six episodes of Tru Calling, and we anticipate putting them on air at some point," Berman told reporters at Fox's winter press tour Jan. 17 in Universal City, Calif.

That quote was taken from just a few links below.

Which also has me wondering why The Futon notes that it was officially canceled on the 18th, if Berman announced the cancellation on the 17th.

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I don't know. But even so, the renewal, then delay, then cancellation of the show lead me to not want to trust such vague points. "...some point." is just not descriptive enough.
No! No! It can't be! They made a big mistake. They ended the show on a cliff-hanger. It should at least be wrapped up.
Don't worry I'm sure FHV will have it on DVD before long if they choose not to air it or they will sell it to FX.
Not sure what the point of this post is.
I think there are 2 points about the post. 1.) Fans of Eliza won't be able to see her on her own series for now. 2.) Eliza is now officially free from the constraints of a TV series, maybe to get on a good show... say one with... maybe... FAITH!
They definitely shouldn't air them if they're gonna sell them on DVD. May actually sell some more that way. There's no real gain in airing a show that everyone knows is over, but unaired episodes on DVD may have more appeal. Just a thought.
Yeah the dvd boxset of 6 episodes would be nice.

It's ashame it didn't have a full 2nd season, but then again look at wonderfuls, and you'll be wishing it had a full season, the pain of following a tv show.

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tnewebmaster, I think the reason Caroline doesn't see the point of the post is because...

If you look in the archives, for January 18th, under the title: Fox finally admits Tru Calling is dead. it's pretty much bringing up the same points.
No new information in this story. It says 6 episodes remain unaired. Not that they "will remain unaired", but they "remain unaired," as in they haven't aired yet. According to Gail Berman, they will probably air at some point.
Well, maybe some people are like me, and miss things... and are about a day or two behind... :(
I'm pretty sure most of us have all done it a time or two webmaster. Anyway, so long as they actually give us fans something, even just a nugget, I'll be happy. Tru(pun time!), the show could have used a little something...hmmm...Joss maybe? I'm just glad to see Eliza doing something(I have to have my Buffy related fix one way or another)even if it doesn't exactly make use of her talents to the fullest.
Yeah I posted this news a couple of days ago but seeing as people have commented on it I guess it can stay. But I may add something to the subject line.
From the Ask Ausiello column at TV Guide (the rest of his column contains big spoilers for Veronica Mars and Lost so that's why I've put this info here):

My colleague, Daniel R. Coleridge, snagged Eliza Dushku at Sunday's Golden Globes to get her take on Tru's future. (Warning: It ain't good.) "I think it's canned, man," she said. "I think that we had a movie within a show and... we couldn't quite find out where we fit in the network and in the lineup. I'm just excited to get back and do some more film and mix it up a little bit with some different characters. I think I'm gonna do a film or two in February, but nothing's set in stone yet." There is a silver lining in all this, folks: I think Tru Calling has made its final appearance in Ask Ausiello.

thewebmaster said: "Eliza is now officially free from the constraints of a TV series, maybe to get on a good show... say one with... maybe... FAITH"

I honestly don't understand why people are still aching for a tv series featuring Faith.

1. There isn't a network today that would pay for a series based even loosely on the Buffy television series. The ratings of the past efforts, while respectable, do not equate to the actual cost of production. There's a devoted following surely, but also a very critical one which didn't embrace Dushku's last effort, Tru Calling. So any potential Buffy-related series in the future has to appeal to a more main stream audience, which means it couldn't treat all the past episodes like canonical reference, because most of the audience wouldn't care. This is why Star Trek Voyager was thrown into the Delta Quadrant: to steer clear of a lot of things STNG and DS9 left hanging about the Cardassians and Klingons and other political complexities of Roddenberry's universe.

Unless there's a multi-millionaire Faith fan out there with enough money to throw at this, with an understanding s/he'd never get a return on the investment, there's simply no financial fuel for this fire.

2. Mutant Enemy doesn't presently exist in a form that would be able to produce a new tv series. The people who made up Mutant Enemy have all moved on to other projects, so at best it would be produced by people other than Whedon, Greenberg, Noxon, Goddard, Espenson, Fury, DeKnight, etc. Do we really want this?

Even if Whedon was listed as an executive producer, chances are he'd be in a more consultative role. The nit and gritty legwork of the series would be done by entirely new producer talent. Remember back in Buffy Season Six when Marti Noxon took the helm, so Whedon could focus more on Angel and Firefly. Though personally I find Six to be the best season of the series, it was not as welcome to a greater number of Buffy fans. They found it too dark, and thought it lost Whedon's vision, but Noxon was working very closely with Whedon the whole time. Imagine if someone with less experience in Whedon's shadow were to try heading up Faith the Series? Admit it: most of you would throw up your hands and turn away.

3. We last saw Faith with Wood, whom we can only guess pulled through his nasty wound. Andrew was strangely mum about Faith's whereabouts in the last season of Angel, though we learned Xander was in Africa, Willow was in Rio and Buffy was in Rome. Faith just didn't seem to be 'in the picture' so to speak. Why would that be?

For a tv series featuring even one of the featured characters in the Buffy series, you'd want to bring in as many of the other actors from Buffy and Angel, to reprise their roles when the plot required it, but those talents have moved on. You might be able to get some of them back for an affordable salary, but Hannigan and Gellar are probably too expensive now, and you'd only get Head back if his scenes took place in England. He's simply no longer interested in commuting from there to Hollywood like he did during Buffy. So again, we're looking at something far too expensive to realistically produce.

4. When Wesley went to get Faith, she broke out of prison. So the lead character of this "Faith the Series" tv show would be a woman who has escaped from prison and for one reason or another isn't going back there. Yes there's a wealth of story possibilities here, I doubt this would become the kind of show most of you are anticipating. If she went back to prison, it'd end up being about a woman doing time. Faith would be in a maximum security penitentiary, probably doing life since she's in there for killing the mayor's assistant in cold blood with a wooden stake. While a women's prison might work (for some people) in poorly produced porn, it makes for a boring recipe for prime time tv drama. So we gotta assume she'd still be on the run. This brings us to location. Where would this show take place?

5. The Sunnydale we knew is now a crater. Los Angeles was Angel's turf and using that city again would also be counterproductive. This theoretical tv series could not be housed in one location. We're talking about a transient character who has never really spent much time in one place. So from week to week the series would require either on location shooting or dramatically different sets. Which is gonna cost more. Which kills this idea even further.

6. Faith would either be on the run from the authorities, or somehow she'd have to make a deal with the authorities to maybe 'do her time' by working with them, which veers into Initiative territory. Personally I'd love a show featuring Eliza Dushku, Marc Blucas, and D.B. Woodside in a more ensemble piece about a specialized task force combating demonic activity as directed by the government, but the sixth season episode As You Were, the last one to feature Riley, isn't one of most Buffy fans' favorite episodes, and that's roughly what a series featuring Faith and Riley would be like. Demon slaying under gov't supervision. Not Faith's bag.

7. So let's look again at Faith on the run. We could even call the series that: "FAITH ON THE RUN." Maybe Wood is by her side, functioning in some unofficial capacity as her Watcher. Maybe he died. Whatever. She's on the run and each week we find her in a new location trying to get by without being seen by the police. Let's assume we've found that rich Faith fan and there's unlimited resources to produce this show the way it needs to be produced.

She's a wanted woman, who'd naturally gravitate to the darker and seedier places in the world. Again, storytelling possibilities abound, but this sounds like a variant on that Bill Bixby version of The Incredible Hulk, which was a less successful variant of the David Janssen tv series The Fugitive. In both of those versions, the lead had something he was trying to achieve. Janssen's fugitive was after the one armed man. Bixby's Banner character was trying to find a cure to his occasionally green-skinned condition.

Just what would Faith be after? And why would the audience (other than the most die-hard Faith fans) tune in each week to see her not succeed at it every week? It'd be a series with an entertaining pilot, but not a lot of direction. Kinda like Tru Calling was. Been there done that.

It's a great pipe dream, gang. There's just no hope in the dream. If we ever want a WhedonVerse tv series on prime time again, we gotta be more practical and realistic than this.
Last month, I started writing an internet Faith series. I had it set in Boston. The mythology behind the show being...

When the Hellmouth in Sunnydale closed, its energy was divided, effectively opening up around 20 smaller Hellmouths, near or around America. Where Buffy's Hellmouth was a metaphor for 'high school is hell', this wouldd be a metaphor for personal hells.

Buffy, Willow, and Giles are the only ones who know about this. So, Buffy's plan is to send newly trained Slayers to the Hellmouths to guard them. Faith is sent to Boston with Andrew (Wood was killed). After a few months there, Willow arrives with Giles and two new slayers. Buffy's decided that all of the new slayers are to be sent to the trained Slayers on the Hellmouths. Faith gets two, and Willow and Giles stay.

While the 'on the run' storyline is definitely important, it doesn't have to be prominent. You could have maybe an episode, or a small story-arc during the season where Faith goes into hiding, but what about the Council? While the original one may have been incinerated, they must still have some street cred. Or maybe the first episode could be set during AtS: S5 and W&H could clear her.

These are just ideas, but I think they could form together to create a workable storyline.
So, um, you don't think Faith the Vampire Slayer is gonna happen, ZM? Well if that's what you think, why don't ya just spell it out for us?

FtVS would never be top of my Whedon wish list, but I wouldn't mind seeing the character again in some form. It seems to me, though, that we gotta think outside that box a little more (or rather, wait for Joss et al to do so). Not try to replicate Buffy in Sunnydale, but come up with a new conceptualization. Just as no one really expected the turn that Angel would take after he left BtVS, I'm guessing that if there is a new ME show featuring a slayer or slayers, it'll be presented in a very different philosophical light and just come from a very different place. And if I knew what that place should be, I'd throw in the day job, and start writing it . . .
1. Simply because you don't have the imagination to come up with a direction for the show, doesn't mean that there isn't potential for one. The show could be interesting long after the pilot; all it would need is good writers.

2. While it's unlikely Gellar would want to come back for guest spots, I doubt Hannigan would now be too expensive. Case in point: she's been confirmed as a guest on Veronica Mars these coming weeks. Add on top of that the fact she's friends with Joss, and I think she - and a lot of the other cast members - would be happy to come back. Tony Head might not be interested in playing a main character where he has to commute back and forth, but I'm sure he'd be fine with dropping in for guest roles, and there's just no reason to believe that all these people who are friends with Whedon would suddenly start demanding huge paychecks.

3. Bringing in lots of old characters isn't strictly speaking necessary, and it may actually be a better idea to create a new cast so the show can stand on its own two feet. This would make the above point moot.

4. Buffy and Angel, while not huge commercial or ratings successes, were still commercial and ratings successes. They may be expensive to produce, but no more expensive than most other genre shows. The difference? A network commissioning a new Slayerverse show gets a built-in history and fanbase for their troubles, making it significantly less of a risk than it would be to commission an entirely new show.

5. Whedon has said that he would not allow a show to be made in the slayerverse without heavy involvement from him, and although he wouldn't return to TV full-time, he'd still be interested in doing shows. You can use negative fan reaction to S6 and S7 of Buffy as an example of sans-Whedon slayerverse, but conversely, what about Angel? Joss was never as involved with that as he was with earlier Buffy seasons - the show was run by Minear a lot of the time, if I remember correctly - and fans enjoyed it just fine. Sure, it was eventually cancelled, but the fans - who you referred to - still enjoyed it fine, and it still went five seasons longer than most shows.

The slayerverse is a profitable franchise that stretches across television, books, soundtrack albums and DVDs. It has a built-in fanbase beyond what most shows can even dream of (something that this site, and that the many on-going conventions and academic meetings are a fine example of), and there's no reason to believe that "There isn't a network today that would pay for a series based even loosely on the Buffy television series." If this: "The ratings of the past efforts, while respectable, do not equate to the actual cost of production" were true, it doesn't make sense that they'd produce 12 seasons worth of television set in this world.

You've got to remember that the network made money on these shows beyond just the ratings and advertising, and you've got to remember that they're still making money on the show today.

A network being up for creating a Faith based TV show is no more ridiculous a prospect than, say, a studio being up for making a major motion picture based on an ignored and quickly cancelled TV show called Firefly.

For what it's worth though, I'd rather see Ripper. You set it in England, which will separate it from the other shows, and you make it a more thoughtful and slower show. Rather than the teenage asskicking of Buffy, you ground the tone much more in mystery and solving things intellectually. More Dr Who-ish.

There's more than enough storyline potential, given that the council has been destroyed and needs to be rebuilt. Plus Britain, with it's history, it's dales and moors and myths and henges, stonehenges, can be a more than adequate setting for such a series.

And remember, Ripper is a show that networks showed an interest in previously, that Whedon showed the most interest in wanting to make, and that Tony Head has always said he'd be up for.

But regardless, Faith just isn't as impossible as you make it sound.

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I said it before and I say it again until I am as blue in the face as SNT, there should be consideration given to a series that goes straight to download/DVD. With an already existing, large, worldwide and committed fanbase it should be possible. You could even have a subscription model.

Probably it’s not possible with the slayerverse now because of existing copyrights and agreements, but these are legal reasons, not business reasons.

I have no idea about film or TV finance (probably painfully obvious) but I never understand this total fixation on going down the ‘it has to be financed by a network’ TV route. Just because it has not been done in this form, doesn’t mean it couldn’t work. Films get financed all the time and then go straight to DVD, why not a series?

You might have to start with a shorter series (say 6 episodes) but you could keep the whole thing much tighter (no TV schedule), no TV to share revenue with and the creative freedom would be tremendous. And why not have a profit sharing arrangement with the people involved, rather than large up-front payments? (My last company had such an arrangement and it worked brilliantly, because we believed in what we were doing and we all made more money in the long run.)

If you think long enough outside the box, it can be done.
Well put, Gonnas.

If Joss gets the inspiration to do something - and he certainly has seemed inspired by a Faith series - I'm excited about it. I cannot conceive of Joss getting inspired by a retread of BtVS and Ats. The man has more creative ideas in his brain than most people and I doubt any of us can conceive in full what he might come up with for a Faith series. That's why he's Joss. And I think if Joss wants to get something funded in TVLand, he's got more going for him than many, assuming Serenity does well.

I like miranda's direct-to-DVD as well, which is something that RavenU has been talking about for quite some time now.
While a women's prison might work (for some people) in poorly produced porn, it makes for a boring recipe for prime time tv drama.

Oh God, oh God. "Oz"! "Prisoner"! Those were superb shows.

(FWIW it could be set in a supresekrit jail where they keep all the supernatural criminals and she gets to solve crime in every episode.)
Yes, well said Gonnas. I do disagree with you about season 6 & 7 (and actually thought Joss was heavily involved with season 7 but I could be wrong) but I totally agreed with everything else you said, especially Alyson Hannigan. She's been a guest star on That 70's Show, briefly had her own sitcom in the works, was linked to that JLH show and now is guest starring on VMs. Why wouldn't she make herself available for a Joss Whedon show? Especially where she enjoyed working with him so much.

And as for Faith having the whole "escaped from prisoner" thing going, many ways they can address that and/or work around it. If they didn't want to deal with it at all, they could have Willow either do something with computer and "erase" her file or do something magically. They could incorporate it into the show that it is something she will have to deal with. Other people in real life have been released from prison after a time even if they did murder someone, and because this isn't reality, I'm sure they could come up with a clever way to get her on parole or something.

Now, I don't know if a Faith spin-off will ever happen, but I don't see why it's a big deal that people like to hope about it or speculate about it. It's fun and this is a the perfect forum for us to do that in.
Joss was involved with both season six and season seven of Buffy. I liked both, and S6 is even my favourite overall. I merely commented on Joss's reduced involvement with it because ZachsMind used it as an example of how slayerverse fans supposedly don't want a show that isn't 100% Whedon-driven. He commented on the negative fan reaction to S6, and said the same thing could/would happen with a new show if he wasn't at the helm. I countered this by pointing out that he wasn't strictly speaking at the helm of Angel, but fans enjoyed that just fine.

So, to clear up, I'm a big fan of S6 and S7, and I'm aware Mr Whedon was still involved.

In regards to the whole "women's prison" as a concept thing (since it was one of the few points I didn't previously address), there's a UK Drama called 'Bad Girls' set in a women's prison, and it's very popular over here. Also, as a useless piece of trivia for you, the prison in the show is called "Larkhall", and is named after the town I live in.

Lastly, one of the proposed plotlines for the show has always been Faith as a kind of roving traveller, moving from place to place. There's been some question as to whether or not this concept could actually work episode to episode and, well, isn't "Kung Fu" a great example that it can? I know that was the early 70s and times have changed, but doesn't anyone else think a modern updated version of this concept could just be awesome? Eliza Dushku has the strength as an actress to carry such a show, and Faith as a character shares a lot in common with Caine from Kung Fu - wanted for murder, bounty hunters after her, the dark past, the ass-kicking?

These shows practically write themselves. I always hoped Joss would do Ripper with the BBC and would be filming in the UK. That way I could submit scripts and desperately try to get a job making coffee.
Ahh, thanks Gonnas, have to admit, I glossed over that part of ZMs post so I missed that and thought that was your feelings. So I don't disagree with you at all there because I really enjoyed both season six and seven of BtVS.
ZachsMind made a lot of interesting points, none of them strictly speaking untrue by any means. However none of them set in stone either.

There are many examples of new shows being created that are connected to concepts long thought dead. The obvious example would be the revival of Star Trek nearly two decades after the original show died a painful death but there are others.

More recently Stargate was a second rate science fiction show that was very close to cancellation whilst on Showtime and yet it thrived on the SciFi Channel even managing to spawn a very succesful spinoff with Atlantis. Farscape fans managed to get their show a decent conclusion in mini series form. Firefly, as mentioned already above, was given a movie despite only managing a mere half season on the tv. The X-Files second movie is currently in the works.

The point being that a Faith the Vampire Slayer show happening is no more unlikely than any of the above examples. Sure it will take several key elements falling into place but if Eliza and Joss were onboard and a decent home could be found (no reason why SciFi couldn't air a slayerverse series is there?) then it becomes very possible indeed.
Remember that Stargate was also originally a relatively unsuccessful movie.
Direct to DVD? Fans giving money to get a show on the go?

Didn't work in this case

Anyway, Joss has admitted he is out of ideas for TV shows. He's on a long sabbactical from the world of television. He wants to do movies. His wife is about to give birth so I imagine he wants to spend some time raising his family. So I hold by what I've said in previous occasions. We will not see another Buffyverse show for at least another five years. If at all.
Remember that Stargate was also originally a relatively unsuccessful movie.

Not unsimilar to a certain vampire slaying tv series we all know and love! Just goes to show that you never assume what is going to happen next year based on the evidence of this one doesn't it. ;)

Anyway, Joss has admitted he is out of ideas for TV shows. He's on a long sabbactical from the world of television. He wants to do movies. His wife is about to give birth so I imagine he wants to spend some time raising his family. So I hold by what I've said in previous occasions. We will not see another Buffyverse show for at least another five years. If at all.

Same thing applies here as far as i can see, Simon. Joss may well be out of ideas right at this minute but what if he wakes up tomorrow morning with an amazing concept for a Faith show, or any other character from the slayerverse for that matter. That is entirely possible and if he did then i seriously doubt we would be waiting any longer than the start of the next tv season before we saw something happen. Certainly i can't see a wait of five years. If it is going to happen at all the slayerverse will continue within the next two or three seasons, that i'm absolutely certain of.
Well, I'm not familiar with the author/books in the example Simon and know nothing about the extent of their appeal globally, or the extent of the fundraising efforts on a global scale.

Simply put, was this particular project something that would have appealed to fans willing to put up money, outside of the UK?

Being totally ignorant of this author and her fanbase, I have no means of comparing this situation to the possibility of, say, doing something like with a Faith spin off. I realize this is not going to happen, I'm just wondering about the comparison.

I would think that any efforts to raise fan money to fund a direct-to-DVD series would have to focus on subjects that have fans all over the world unless stumbling upon a very rich fan willing to pay in total.

Think of the Dark Shadows fans. The Farscape fans. The Family Guy fans. At least in 2 of those 3 instances, they were able to get the shows back on television. But fan-funding up front? I don't know that it would ever work out when you look at the costs of developing tv series now.
Admittedly we're like church mice gossiping about the humans who come in and out every Sunday. From our perspective, we can't do more than imagine what's going on in the minds of Dushku or Whedon and I for one certainly don't know all the names and faces of the large but unspecified number of people necessary to get Faith the Series or Ripper or any other BuffyVerse oriented series up and running. I just know that, again from our church mice perspective, the variables are wholly unrealistic. Unlike the rest of you church mice, I don't have any faith in Faith.

Earlier I compared the idea of a "Faith On The Run" concept to that of Fugitive or Hulk. I probably should have added Kung Fu to that list. My point wasn't that it's impossible. My point was that it's been done, and with variable success before. One can argue successfully that the reality series Amazing Race is actually The Fugitive on speed. There's just no being framed for murder involved.

Earlier I tried to focus on facts and got carried away describing minutiae. I'm doing that again. I'll try to simplify it. Considering we are not privy to enough information, that whole church mice analogy I mentioned before, this is what we can surmise from what we DO know.

1. Whedon's not actively interested in persuing "Faith" or any Buffyesque series right now.

2. Dushku did Tru Calling. It failed. This doesn't increase the odds that anyone would rush to put her at point in any television series in the future. She's not blackballed, but she's certainly got a black mark.

3. While you and I might enjoy a series based off the previous two series, any network OR independent studio would see the idea of continuity for two series now off the air to be a ball and chain to creativity, and would not jump at the chance.

This doesn't mean I don't WANT to see it happen. It means I'm pessimistic that it ever actually will happen. Personally I still have a metaphorical candle in the window for OZ THE SERIES and would prefer to see that before Faith. RIPPER would be great! However, I'm not holding my breath. I'd settle for a series focusing on Spike at this point, but it's just not gonna happen.

Fortunately, we still have fan fiction. Unfortunately, it's hard to find the good stuff.
Again, good points there, ZachsMind. However ...

1. As i already said a little further up, Joss isn't actively interested today. Tomorrow morning is another story. We cetainly can't assume that Joss won't be in the mood to continue the slayerverse within the next year or so.

2. One failed show in this day and age isn't going to be all that much of a big deal to anyone. Shows are being cancelled all the time, the networks aren't going to be assuming that every single one of these is about the person in the lead role. As you suggest it may be a black mark against her, but not a serious one.

3. The flipside of continuing the previous two series in a new show is that you get yourself a built in core audience. As long as you make certain that the show is standalone enough to allow for new people to jump on board you don't have a problem. Stargate Atlantis is currently getting better figures than the original show suggesting that it has gained a lot of viewers who maybe didn't watch the original series.

My point being that, as you said yourself, we can only work with the information we currently have and that it can be read in different ways depending on your point of view.

Now i'm not saying that your side of the debate is wrong by any means but, then again, neither is mine. Things change everyday and people change their minds every minute, we just have to wait and see.
Y'know I'm watching the television covering the news about Johnny Carson's death. Someone asked some talking head why he thought Johnny purposefully spurned the spotlight after he'd done The Tonight Show for thirty years. Allegedly, Johnny often told people who asked him to make an appearance somewhere that, "I did it." He'd leave it at that, changing the subject to golf or poker or his yacht. Some didn't understand what he meant. He meant he'd already done the tv thing. He'd already stood there in front of millions of people and got laughs and tears and applause and all that stuff. He did it. He didn't need to do it again.

Whedon could say the same. He's produced three entertaining, enlightening, and critically acclaimed series. He's written for Rosanne Barr. He's served his time on the small screen. He's affected modern culture in a way that has people with doctorates talking, and generations will remember Buffy, Angel and Firefly. By the way, remember fifty years from now to buy copies of the show for your grand children. Probably on something smaller than a microchip.

Joss did the tv thing. Now he's doing the movie thing. I will be more than happy to eat my words on that fateful day when Whedon decides to bring the world of Buffy back to the little screen. I'm telling you not to hold your breath for it. We are more likely to see Buffy the Movie within the next ten years than we are ever to see Faith the Television Series.

I do feel hard pressed to hold my breath for RIPPER on the BBC, but I've taken up smoking again, so I'd rather not.

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