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January 20 2005

Tim Minear talks about "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress". He tells Sci Fi Wire that his latest movie draft of the Robert Heinlein classic novel is finished and that it was very difficult to adapt.

My wife is a huge Heinlein fan so I've read the book and it'll be very interesting to see how much of it will end up on screen. Personally, I think it could only be done as a TV mini-series but I trust Tim with the goods. Let's hope it's more of a faithful adaptation that Starship Troopers.

I'm not holding my breath to see this movie, considering how long the material has been available, but this article makes me a little interested, at least. I enjoyed the humor of Starship Troopers, but how could you make that movie without even trying to do the combat suits (or I think they were called armor)? Those were the best visual/technological thing in the book, and the most fun. At least Minear is giving a lot of thought to what the strengths of the book were and still are.
I would love for this to be Minear's break into film - it has the potential to be ground-breaking, just like the novel

hmm... I want to read it again now
The movie will either be wonderful, or totally awful. The changes he said he's made from the book so far sound okay, but it is an extremely involved story, with one character being a computer, so I'm not holding my breath for 'wonderful'.
Looks interesting.

It will be a film, or mini-series finally?
This book was a childhood favorite of mine. He is right when he says the book has been 'mined' by other movies so often that the story may seem derivative but it is derivative of itself. Still, it looks like he knows what updates might work. I wish him the best. Can't tell you how much I hated the film version of Starship Troopers and how much I loved the book.
At least he is a fan of the work, unlike Verhoeven who stated that he believed Heinleinís Starship Troopers was in favour of fascism and made the film as a repudiation of the book. I didnít think the movie was that bad in and of itself but as an adaptation of a book it was about as insulting as you can get. Iím still holding out for an honest adaptation of it.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is one of my favorite novels and while I understand the needs of a film are different than those of a novel I really hope that Tim remains as true to the story as is possible. But since the script still has to go through the director and starsÖ I ainít holding out a lot of hope. All it takes is someone who isnít up to understanding the source material (yeah Iím talkiní to you Verhoeven) and they can ruin the experience for fans.

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