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January 20 2005

Christophe Beck talks about scoring Elektra. The man responsible for the scores of Buffy's season 2-4, and helped Joss with the tune from Buffy's death in "The Gift" and the shaping of "Once More, With Feeling" talks about his most recent work. There's another interview at Cinescape which has more on his Buffy and Angel work.

He is currently scoring Michelle Tratchenberg's Ice Princess

His name is actually spelt Christophe Beck.
And I've added another link to your subject line. That one is worth reading as well especially for the pic of the promotional CD for his Buffy season 2 score.
Simon, thanks for the Cinescape interview.

It’s interesting what CB is saying about being pigeon-wholed in Hollywood. I was watching ‘Another Day in Paradise’ yesterday which has James Woods and Vincent Kartheiser in it (no points for guessing why I watched it) and it had a very interesting interview with James Woods in the extras where, while explaining why people had been chosen for the various roles in the film, he said that you have ‘just 5 or 6 people for any specific type of role available’. (I am paraphrasing).

I thought to myself that’s a really stupid thing to say for someone so obviously intelligent. It really translates to ‘there are 5 to 6 who are this type of look or this type of actor and whom we know about’ when the truth of the matter is that there are another 50 out there who are just a good but who don’t get a chance. (No wonder some of the verse alumni finding it hard to find work).

It just makes me really smile, whether it is actors or composers or anybody else, Hollywood productions on the whole are just like any other company in the world where you always have a list of ‘approved suppliers’.

One of the (many) things you have to give Joss kudos for is his ability to look beyond the obvious candidates, whether it is for actors or other parts of the production. You could put it down to necessity (TV budget restraints) but I don’t think so. I think it has far more to do with being a truly creative person. In so many interviews you hear people saying ‘before Joss nobody ever let me do this’ or words to that effect, so full credit to him.

By the way, I can recommend ‘Another Day in Paradise’, it has a raw energy to it which I found very appealing. Not typical run of the mill stuff and well worth checking out.

Other than that, CB looks like a jolly fellow, are we sure he wasn’t an extra in LoTR? :)
I only wish Marti Noxon had hired him for "Point Pleasant". Listening last night to DUM DE DUM DAH to tell us that this is the scary part of the show made me yell at the screen.

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