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January 20 2005

Kelly tells Southland Tales. Curious about Sarah Michelle Gellar's next movie "Southland Tales"? Let the movie's director Richard Kelly (from Donnie Darko) tell you a few words about it.

More complex than Donnie Darko (probably my favorite film of all time)? I know I'm so going to love this movie. Richard Kelly is a genius.

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Huh. Could that be anymore vague? I understand not wanting to give anything away, but...

Though, you know, i'll see it no matter what, as I adore Richard Kelly.
Finally saw Donnie Darko over the past weekend and, well what can I say as a latecomer to the party but that it was really quite good (although probably best watched as a teen rather than as a mid-30s guy: I started identifying mostly with the parents and teachers. Oops. And I felt a little, um, *cheated* by the ending. I'm not sure how or why yet, but definitely that's what I felt. May need to watch it again.).

Kelly obviously has creativity and ideas to burn, and I am very excited about Southland Tales, which, fingers crossed, may give SMG her first real creative challenge outside of BtVS.
I thought Sarah was shooting Revolver in late February/early March?
Yes that still seems to be the most likely scenario, this interview does not have any more info on when ST actually will start filming.

( The frase should go into production this spring seems to indicate that even RK doesn't know for sure when he'll be ready to start)

Numfar, If you have any information indicating that ST will indeed be SMG's next movie pls share.

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Kelly obviously has creativity and ideas to burn, and I am very excited about Southland Tales, which, fingers crossed, may give SMG her first real creative challenge outside of BtVS.

What, more of a creative challange than 'Scooby Doo'?!

I thought Sarah was shooting Revolver in late February/early March?

I guess 'Revolver' would have a two or three month production schedule. If it does kick off in late February it could be wrapped up up by the end of April or early May. Maybe 'Soutland Tales' is tentatively set to go into production in May. It's been dragging on for quite some time and I imagine Kelly is talking in very general terms as far as the start date is concerned.
As a SMG megafan and a Donnie Darko fan, I can't wait for this movie. It's going to bring so much positive light to her.
This is just too funny! With all of you praising Donnie Darko I'm thinking to myself that I need to go out and rent that and my daughter comes home from school today with the dvd in her hand. Apparently a friend is letting her borrow it. I'll be checking it out this weekend.
I need to see Donnie Darko.

ST sounds extremely good.
I'm so excited about this! I love Richard Kelly (not as much as his "biggest fan": anyone who's seen that featurette on the new dvd knows what I mean!). I don't mind that he's being vague, its hard enough to describe Donnie Darko, I'm just happy that my favourite movie and favourite Vampire Slayer are coming together!
Donnie Darko is an Amazing film!
The night before last, I finally got a hold of the Director's Cut of Donnie, I watched it and then immediately watched it all again with the commentary between Kevin Smith and Richard Kelly.
The point being they spoke quite a lot about South Lands, and about it being a very funny, complex film.
Kevin Smith spoke at length and referred to it many times that he loved reading the script to it.
He also said that as much as he loves DD, he loved the SL script more!

also SoddingNancyTribe.... did you watch the director's cut or the original movie of DD??
Cause the original movie left an awful lot up to interpretation, where as the DC version basically spells it all out for you, with the addition of the Roberta Sparrow book pages from the website.
It's definately worth another look.

has anyone seen my choclate sprinkle doughnut??

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nixygirl: I watched the original. Thanks for the tip about the Director's Cut - that'll be my next viewing (although I don't generally mind stuff being left up to my interpretation, so long as there is some, but not *too* much, room left for said interpretation. DD verges on the too much side, so the additional material will probably be good . . .)

Must fess up that I'm not such a big Kevin Smith fan - I think he talks a bigger game than he plays, if you catch my meaning, - but, who knows?, maybe his enthusiasm for this movie will help me get over that.
Having seen only the original release Donnie Darko, I actually enjoyed the main story (the time travel or universe-switch) more before I went on the Internet and started reading all the stuff explaining it. But I can also see how a lot of the character stories are truncated. I will see the director's cut as soon as I can get ahold of it, but have a little trepidation that it might spoil the ending, which I love, for me.

I'm looking forward to Southland Tales, but really not expecting it any time soon.

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