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January 20 2005

New version of Buffy season one DVDs soon to be available in the UK. Amazon finally has a picture up of what the new packaging will look like.

Other than looking to be a bit thinner in size the actual appearance of the box seems to be the same, however the difference in price is quite substantial so it's good news for anyone who still hasn't bought them yet.

The UK are probably following Australia's lead - they have re-released all of the Buffy/Angel DVD sets, fiting 3 discs inside a normal-sized DVD case
That's what the region 1 set looks like and it has three discs. What were your sets like before?
Firefly Flanatic, the original versions are much bulkier in the UK, particularly the season one boxset as that was a different style to the later seasons.

If you do a search for the older sets at you will see what i mean.
I think this is only relevent to anyone outside the US seeing how we allready have the exact same box set.
What I really want to know is, do we get any special features (like commentaries) missing from the original releases?

(Hearing glowing reviews about the S4 group commentary for Oz's departure, including Seth Green, was rather annoying to those who got the R2 set lacking it...)
I don't think that's an actual pic of the new version of the packaging, as it looks just like the older version. Amazon probably just put it up as a placeholder until they get a pic of the new packaging. I already saw a pic of it a while ago (don't remember where exactly), and I remember it being a lot less stylish than the older versions. More big letters on it and stuff. And I think they divided each boxset into separate dvd's, which also kinda sucks.

Edit: found them, you can see them here.

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I don't think they are actually the same ones, Storyteller. They appear to be the Australian versions so there is no guarantee the UK ones will look that way.

I do think that picture you see on the Amazon page is the new version however, compared to the season one boxset i currently own it looks a lot thinner. Also the page for the new boxset has been up for months without any image there at all so i can't see any reason why they would put a picture up now unless it was of the actual new packaging.
Isn't this the one that opens to lay out like a cross? if so its not new?
Nope Bigbird, the cross layout style is the one i already own. I have no idea about the specifics of the style of this new design however other than what you can see there.
I think the new box sets are going to use the packaging that Fox is using for quite a few of it's DVD box sets at the moment. So I'd guess that it'll be the same type of box as the Firefly, Roswell ones, and the X-Files re-releases. If this is so I'd imagine the box-art will be the same as the original releases, from this picture it would seem like the season 1 is.

I think it's just a repackaging, so I don't think there'll be any new extras.
A search for the catalogue number, 15288MDVD , shows this as possible new artwork:

Other sites are just showing "No image" or (as Amazon is) re-using the old box art.
Hope you are correct with that because that artwork would be a lot better than a rehash of the old boxset art. I'm not sure though, that seems more like promotional artwork than a DVD cover. There is no mention of the fact it is season one or anything else for that matter other than the title of the show.

I suppose this could be just the basic art prior to the DVD details being added to it though, we will have to wait and see i guess.

EDIT: Just had a quick look around that site and the same artwork is being displayed for the new versions of the seasons two and three boxsets as well so it is likely that they are just using a promo image rather than the true box artwork.

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