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January 21 2005

Aly's episode of Veronica Mars is part of UPN's February sweeps plans. Air date set for Feb 22 at 9pm.

"Tuesday, Feb.22 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT)
VERONICA MARS A woman cons Veronica into helping her find a long-lost love, but Keith steps in after he discovers that this new client has an ulterior motive. Alyson Hannigan (UPN's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer") guest stars as Logan's half-sister Trina Echolls."

You know, UPN seems very excited to have her as a guest star and are using her popularity for sweeps weeks - you'd think they'd be desperately trying to come up with a show for her. I wasn't watching VM. I had caught an episode and thought it was okay but nothing special (but then I checked out what people on Flicker said about that particular episode and they said it wasn't a very good one). But when I heard Aly was going to be on it and the pilot was airing, I gave it a second try and really liked the pilot. I feel like I know enough now to at least follow the plot and I definitely want to tune in for Aly's guest appearance.

I hope there is a ratings boost and they decide to sign her on full time or give her her own show. I loved her on That 70's Show. I hadn't watched it in years but tuned in to see her and she was so funny. She could definitely carry a comedy or a drama or a mix of both.
Well I for one don't want UPN to get it into her a head to give her a show just to boost ratings, because knowing UPN, they'd stick her in something bad. VM is a good show with a lot of potential. I wouldn't mind her being a regular and if not I hope she holds out for a project thats interesting and good.
Well, I guess I should've stated that, but yeah, I'd want it to be a good show but the last couple of shows she was thinking of doing didn't sound so great. I just think she could definitely carry a show of her own - and hopefully if something is offered, it's something good.
I love Veronica Mars. It's one of my favourite 2 new shows this year along with 'Lost'. I hope Alyson becomes a regular. I think this show would allow her to demonstrate her acting range well with its mix of comedy and drama.
As previously noted, I didn't particularly see the appeal of the show to begin with. The concept seemed unoriginal, uninspired, and just not very interesting. But as I dropped in and out of more episodes, I finally got hooked. It and Lost are two fantastic shows, and I really hope they last a long time.

Was just disappointed to see VM wasn't on this week. Is it on next week? The week after? Crazy American schedules.
I love both Lost and VM (definitely my 2 fave shows of the season). I can't wait to see Alyson on it, I was over the moon when I heard. I hope they can logically and naturally work her into a series regular...I would never want them to just stick her in and force a fit because of ratings.
I watched the pilot and liked it, however I decided that I wasn't going to get into watching another show like Firefly or Wonderfalls that was just going to get cancelled. Still now that UPN does seem invested in at least one season I will put VM on my DVR.

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