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January 22 2005

If Buffy got its Season 8, what could the Credits Look Like? Well here's one above-the-average possibility from Dana, and it really does look very authentic. And yes, I get a thrill from seeing Eliza Dushku as a regular.

Now make a Faith The Series one! With Tom Lenk! And Alexa Davalos!

Some of these Season 8 title sequences have previously been posted, but I can't lay my hand on the thread right now. If someone shows that this particular version has been up already, the thread, alas, will be deleted . . .

(added) Found this thread, which features sequences from and 4paws. Since my DSL is *not working* right now, I can't compare to see if this is one of those. So we'll let it stand for now.

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Awwww well thats ok. But it is a pretty good one and I dont thin I've seen it before, but i may be wrong
I just compared this video to the ones in the earlier thread and it is a new one.
I like it but i dont think that they would show Spike at all anywhere in the opening credits. I know its only for a little bit but since he joined Angel on The WB. UPN would never allow plus after Angel and Cordy left they were never in any bits of the credits the next season, but i could be wrong. Very cool though, love that Faith was in it.
Wow. That was so better than any of my attempts. Love seeing Faith and Tom Lenk added. Where's Giles though? And the main potentials. Wouldn't you expect them to be in it too? Well I guess there is a time limit so.
I get a thrill from Dushku's regularness and I don't even like Faith. hmm..maybe there should be a Faith spinoff..
Oh how I would LOVE a Faith spin off with Tom Lenk in it!!!
A girl can dream!
Okay, I've avoided fanfiction and pretty much any creative effort that implies a Season 8. I'm very much resigned to the fact that Buffy is over and done with (and was relieved to see it end when it felt right), with the possible exception of a movie some day. But that got me seriously nostalgic.

What's that glowing green bit toward the end of the credits? If you pause and go frame-by-frame...after black-oozing Caleb and the close-up shot of The First Slayer's face, there's this indistinguishable shot of green...something...?
I've examined at length elsewhere why a Faith spinoff is unreasonable, but playing the what if game, I personally would not wish to entertain a Faith spinoff that didn't include Wood. The two actors had a great rapport on camera together, and it's more reasonable to assume Wood would become Faith's Watcher.

Faith would eat Andrew for breakfast and spit him out. She'd never accept him as her Watcher.

I would imagine, IF this given mpeg were the actual credits for a season eight of BtVS, that the given characters would be the 'main cast' for that season, and each of our favorites would appear in the supporting cast credits that usually flowed through the first few minutes of the opening act. So for example, if Giles made an appearance in a given episode, it would read "special guest star: Anthony Stewart Head" some time after the first commercial break.

Dana is suggesting that Gellar, Brendon, Dushku, Lenk, Trachtenberg and Hannigan would have been the core actors for season eight. This is unrealistic, because Gellar made it plain that no matter what, she would not be returning, and Dushku went on to do Tru Calling, so we'd lose Buffy and Faith right there. This puts into question the entire What If. There's no way you could have a Buffy season eight without Buffy.

However, we could have had something better. If I had the necessary equipment to make a season eight credits thing, I'd change the name of the series to "WATCHERS" and make the credit roll with Hannigan in the front, then Brendon, then Trachtenberg, then Lenk, then Inari Lymon, and finish it up with the actresses who played Roni and Vi. I want D. B. Woodside, but can't imagine him not going off with Faith. So if Faith's not in the series, neither would Wood. Unless the two had a falling out. Then Wood could join the others as a Watcher for new recruits. Still, at best, he'd be a supporting character, and wouldn't appear on the opening credits.

Buffy and Faith would still exist, but they would both be off on their own respective adventures, very off camera. Maybe Willow would get a call on her cellphone now and then. The focus of the storylines would be off Buffy and on the idea of finding and training all the new Slayers in the world. Other characters could make appearances as schedules allowed, but the six which would appear in every episode that season would be Willow, Xander, Dawnie, Andrew, Kennedy, Rona and Vi.

Even this wouldn't hold up under close scrutiny. We learned from Andrew in Angel season Five, that Buffy and Dawn were in Rome, Willow and Kennedy were in Rio, and Xander was in Africa (I'd presume with Rona and Vi). I don't know if one tv series would have been enough to tell the wealth of potential stories. I don't think anything less than your imagination could tell it to your satisfaction: whoever you are.

It might also be interesting to note that if there had been a season eight, about half way through there would have been at least one episode featuring "Dana" who was the crazy slayer that made an appearance in an episode of Angel. That crossover with Andrew would have led to affecting things for the last half of the season in BtVS8/Watchers1. Just as the crossover with Faith from Angel to Buffy affected both series.
For the sake of argument let's suppose SMG and Joss did agree to do another season of Buffy. Would Joss have then still gone with the season 7 finale where all the Potentials around the world would have been turned into Slayers?
For the sake of argument let's suppose SMG and Joss did agree to do another season of Buffy. Would Joss have then still gone with the season 7 finale where all the Potentials around the world would have been turned into Slayers?

I suspect not. Had Joss Whedon gone into S7 fully expecting another season of the show (with SMG on board) it would probably have been quite different. However, I guess we'll never know.
Hmmm, that's a great question Simon! I'd love to hear from Joss on this one! Maybe it would've been a case that the spell Willow does could only be temporary and that the potentials slayer powers would only last for a short time. I've wondered a bit about this myself because of Fray because she's the only Slayer in that time period.
Ooh. Good question Simon. Would he have blown up Sunnydale even? I mean the reason they did for the end of season seven was because it was the end of the series, and they wouldn't need the sets anymore. They were going to be dismantled anyway, so why not blow up the city? But if there was going to be a season eight, they may have never left Sunnydale. But then, if SMG and Joss had agreed, we wouldn't be playing this What If, so it's like a snake swallowing its own tail.

Although, even if they had been planning a season eight, the idea that there were Slayers all over the planet? That woulda made for a hell of a cliffhanger. I'd like to see that taken forward to some logical conclusion. Faith proved to us that Potentials weren't 'chosen' by the Slayer Source because they were ready for it, or had heroic intentions. Faith has grown into the role of hero, but her first instincts were to use the power of the Slayer for more personal and potentially villianous reasons.

I'd imagine a planet with a hundred or even a thousand Slayers simultaneously would quickly turn into a problem in itself. Most Slayers wouldn't know the source of their power, since it was always The Watchers who had to teach them about their role in the universe. Some slayers would naturally become antagonists. Others would become unwitting pawns in some smart vampire's nefarious plans. Imagine a vampire smart enough to pose as a Watcher type for an unwitting Slayer. Telling her she was now a force of evil and had to do what he told her. Imagine one or more of these Slayers being turned. Still other Slayers would perhaps be oblivious to the vampire underground of the Earth, except for those annoying dreams she'd get. She might use her powers to do vigilante justice on humans, which would get her in trouble with the police before our Scoobies could find her and tell her the truth. Yet others would probably be found out by their parents and friends, be considered a freak, maybe they'd try to have her committed. It's logical that the Vatican would get involved, since they'd start getting reports from priests of girls all over the planet in need of exorcisms. It makes perfect sense to me that Buffy would end up there, and perhaps even work closely with the Vatican to coordinate all these reports and make sure the girls weren't exorcised but given proper training. This means some priests might find themselves in a dual role as Watchers. Sort of 'deputized' by Buffy and the Scoobies where necessary, and let in on the whole thing.

I'd looooove to see a scene where Buffy tries to explain to The Pope, through interpreters, just what's going on. Or maybe she wouldn't have to explain. Maybe the Vatican had been watching the whole Watcher/Slayer thing since the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church? Kinda makes one wonder just where "The Immortal" would tie in to all this. Did he approach her as a liason or representative of the Vatican? Or maybe he was a bad guy and she was spying on him?

Eventually by the end of season eight, it might end up that the Scythe 'solution' of giving the power to more than one Slayer at a time proves to be more trouble than its worth, and Willow would have to undo what she had done, with many of the potentials wanting to stop her for fear of losing their newfound powers.

There is a wealth of storytelling possibilities here. It's a damn shame it's not getting exercised. Still, in an attempt to answer your question Simon, it's not like Whedon had written himself into a corner by giving the Slayer power to so many. It would have expanded the series in such a way as to make season eight the most fascinating of the series. There was a direction they could have gone. Several in fact.

Hell, Whedon wrote himself out of that hole at the end of season five. I think he could write himself into and out of practically anything.
Hee hee! Zachsmind, that was great!! You just did a whole great season eight with your post there and how it would end with Willow having to undo what she did! Could lead to maybe a dark Kennedy trying to stop Willow from taking her powers perhaps??!!!
Curiously enough I was looking at the description for Nancy Holder's 'Queen of the Slayers' post season 7 book just there now.


Willow's magickal distribution of the Slayer essence has left girls across the world discovering the full extent of their latent power. Giles races to reorganise the remnants of the Watchers Council, while the Scoobies relocate to Europe. In Rome, Buffy is drawn to a charismatic figure known as The Immortal. But then comes word that the novice slayers are being coerced to join the self-styled Queen of the Slayers - an awesome evil who wants to claim the intoxicating Slayer essence for herself. Sent to Africa to learn more about the origins of the Slayer essence, Xander returns with chilling news. There is not enough good in the world to counteract the overbundance of evil, and that far from being averted, the Apocalypse is drawing much too near. Alliances are formed and loyalties betrayed as it comes down to slayer versus slayer, leading to an ultimate battle of champions from Buffy's past and present. And then an unimaginable gift arrives...

Kinda fits what you were saying Zachsmind about Slayers being pawns in a nefarious scheme.
"There is not enough good in the world to counteract the overbundance of evil, and that far from being averted, the Apocalypse is drawing much too near"

Yes. I am.
These Season 8 credits didn't seem authentic at all to me. I can't imagine Eliza and Sarah on the same show as regulars. I can't imagine James M would have moved over to Angel if there had been a Buffy Season 8. I don't think Tom Lenk would have become a regular quite that quickly. The credits seemed more about what one particular viewer would have liked to see, than anything that would have actually come to pass.
Well Sari, the only thing that DID come to pass, was no season eight, so when one ventures into What If territory, the parking brake has to be off.

I'd bring Tara back from the dead and drag Seth Green on to the set, just to make things even more confusing for poor little Willow and her friend Kennedy. Doing that, woulda caused the brakes to completely fail on the juggernaut that is The-Season-Eight-That-Was-Not.
ZachsMind, did someone hijack your screen name? You and I hardly ever agree any more, and you've cultivated somewhat of an " intelligent, eccentric recluse" persona in the past year. Didja get ahold of some good meds? Meet a good woman?

Your posts have been fun-loving, light, and dare I say it, cool these past few days, and I'm agreeing with pretty much everything you've said (not that you give a whit). This is no small thing! ;)
ZachsMind, your "Buffy tries to explain to The Pope what's going on" comment left me laughing to tears. I can see it in minds eye.

OK, normally don't play the 'what if' game, but Simon raised an interesting point. Here's one. Had there been an eighth season of BtVS, would James Marsters had remained on that show? If he had, that would have put Angel season five in question since he was one of the reasons it was renewed. Now, I'm sure Joss could have come up with another interesting way of killing him and sending him over. No trouble there. But I'm sure UPN would not be willing to see a prized star transferred to a rival network. In other words, an eighth season of BtVS may have "killed" Angel. Makes you think, doesn't it?
No I'm still an intelligent, eccentric recluse. That's as good a way to describe me as any. So far as I know I haven't hijacked myself. I doubt anyone would call Saint John's Wort "good meds." Well, it's served me well. I swore off women four years ago. Only needed to get divorced once to realize that's a dead end road no matter who I walk down it with, so it's not that I found a good woman. I'd probably be more morose and abyssmal if that happened.

No, I'm distant and pessimistic, but I'm also fun-loving and light. I'm quite the enigma, and I say that with tongue firmly in cheek, because I'm plainly sarcastic and perpetually silly, not to mention chronically longwinded. Well, there I went and mentioned it. My intention is rarely, if ever, to say things with which people would immediately agree. All I'm doing is cutting out a slice of my mind and serving it with parsley and truffles. I readily admit it's an aquired taste. The undead seem to like it. They're always groaning for seconds.

I don't mind playing the what if game if it's established that it's not going to make a difference. In some other thread I left a slice of brain about how Faith the Series will never take place, and sure if I'm proven wrong I'll be happy to eat my own slice of brain, but it doesn't give me piece peace of mind to watch other people waft ignorantly about there ever actually being another Buffyesque tv series, when the facts have proven otherwise. I'm sure some people found that piece of brain tasteless, but it brought me peace of mind to leave it. =)


I have started smoking again. Maybe that's improved my attitude a bit..?

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ZachsMind...I really hope Joss had a little read of your ideas!
If not for a season 8 then for a movie!!!
Come On Joss, get a deal already!!!!

sob....I want my Buffy
After watching my own credit season 8 again, the 4paws one and Dana's back-to-back, I only have one thing to say. Not only are we Whedon fans an intelligent bunch of people, we're creative as hell and pretty skilled. Let's take a look then what the charmed poeple has accomplished. :P
Also, I surprised over all the similarities between my credit and Dana's. It's a really nice credit.

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