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"Did I just lose an argument to a doll?"
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January 23 2005

Jewel sends belated holiday greetings. She also updates what she has been up to lately and what she's doing this year.

As aways, it's great to read Jewel's thoughts in her posts. Wonder which pilots she'll audition for? I wish her success for good things should happen to good people. And Jewel is the best. 'Course she shouldn't plan too far ahead, we still have those 'Serenity' sequels to think about.
And conventions are work, too! She can do one in Toronto for instance. And bring along a friend or two! She liked Toronto!
Hmmm, warm sunny places. Must be nice.
fingers crossed that she's coming to WonderCon in SF.... Feb 19th is just around the corner!
Any word on who will be at WonderCon besides Joss?
Yeah, it's always nice to read about what Jewel's up to. I just hope she get ahold of some good drama show instead of a sitcom since I don't really follow sitcoms. And we won't have to worry about not her being able to shoot the Serenity sequels, she has the whole summer free you know. :) Hmmm... I wonder where I'll be able to get ahold of "Widow..." because it will certainly not air in Sweden...
"Any word on who will be at WonderCon besides Joss?" pixxelpuss

nope. :( I've spoken to the organizers many times and always get the same answer. Joss is bringing 'others' but no one knows who. here's hoping!!!
From what I have heard not from the organizers but others involved, Jewel will not be in attendance for Wondercon, of course that is subject to change, but as of now she has no plans to be there.
"Jewel will not be in attendance"

bugger. :(

oh well. One down, eight to go....

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