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"If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell."
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January 23 2005

Happy Birthday Stephanie Romanov! Wishing her all the happiness she can handle today, and all the happiness she wants throughout the year.

If somebody reading this can get a hold of Stephanie, please tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! for me!
Ooh, Happy Birthday Stephanie! You were the greatest evil lawyer ever.
You know I always wondered something. Lilah can survive a couple massacres at W&H, but when it comes to Cordelia and a knife. Oh no! Immediate doom awaits everyone's favorite evil lawyer!

Of course, however that was a shocking moment and I didn't see it coming, but it always struck me as funny.

Happy Birthday Stephanie!
It is rather ironic to be linking to the imdb when Stephanie has been asking them for years to please remove her date of birth from their records. Ah well, this way we know how great she looks "for her age" ;-)
Happy Birthday Steph! 36 is not that bad. You still look great, got nothing to worry about.

[ edited by BufSlyAngel on 2005-01-24 03:12 ]
Lioness it's just the year she wants removed - I don't think she cares if people know the day - she just rather not have the year posted.
Romanov really shouldn't worry about IMDb showing her age. Heck, she's one year younger than me, she should be pleased. Nope, what she REALLY should get a gaggle of lawyers and sue IMDb about is her measurements! Thirty-six, twenty-four AND A HALF??! THIRTY-FIVE!? Why, she's abnormal! She's a FREAK! OHMIGOD!!! Was that a bit over the top? I never can tell. Oh, and happy birthday Stephanie. As if you're nerdy enough to be reading this website.
"Evil lawyer" is a tautology.

(Wife's father is a law professor, so I know.)

Okay, okay, I'm kidding...kind of...

Just adore Stephanie.

That's not an imperative sentence, but if you take it as such, so be it!
In light of certain comments about the legal profession, the Whedonesque member known as "Lizard" (hereafter, "Lizard") will have certain privileges, such as the ability to make snappy rejoinders and meaningful insights, revoked, and any proposed comments that he chooses to make henceforth and in perpetuity shall be subject to a 3 (three)-person review panel before they are posted on the site. Any appeals of said decision to be considered by the panel of Whedonesque elders meeting en banc at their thrice-decennial meeting.

Oh, you were talking about that *other kind* of lawyer? The not-so-public-spirited ones? Ignore that last paragraph, would ya? ;)
36? That’s nothing! We have GOT to get over Hollywood’s obsession with “youth”! Stephanie does not look good “for her age” - she looks good, period! And one hell of a lot better than those in the “Britney and Paris” age group. Happy Birthday, Stephanie, and many, many more!
wow 36! she looks soo much younger!
Happy Birthday Steph and good luck with the other important event this year :)
Happy Birthday Steph!
And I agree with Burklefreak, Lilah survived zombies a thousand grabs around the neck by Angel, and all other kinds of abuses...and Cordie kills here! Shock!
Mind you it was a delicious twistie!
SNT, very nicely played!

But I stand by my sentence: Just adore Stephanie.

And showgirl is totally, totally on target. Stephanie is brilliantly gorgeous (my wife and I think she's the most stunning of all the Jossverse women, and that says a lot).
Happy Birthday Stephanie!

She really shouldn't have her age removed, I mean she doesn't look 36, she looks younger. And damn hot.
Stephanie is unequivocally in the top echelon of most attractive women in the Whedonverse. In no particular order:

Stephanie Romanov
Eliza Dushku
Morena Baccarin
Gina Torres
Julie Benz
Charisma Carpenter
Well, brother_grady, aside from Eliza and Morena (OK, possibly Gina), none of those women would feature in my own list. Which just goes to show ya, YMMV indeed. ;)

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