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January 24 2005

Angel season 5 DVD menu screenshots. Courtesy of DVD Times.

I like them, they're pretty cool, just a shame that this is the last (at least for a while) new set in the Buffyverse.
I am loving all the commentary we have DB and CK, Eve and CK, Adam, Alexis and Amy. I can wait as I just watched all 4 seasons back to back out of boredom and amd really wishing i waited for season 5.
Yeah, I'm very happy with those, but I still can't quite get over the fact that there ain't no commentary on Smile Time. That would have been so sweet... Oh well, there's atleast one for A Hole in the World...
It's a shame how Spike gets the last menu.
I knew someone would make that comment about the last menu!
Wow! Looks good. . . can't wait to see "Hey kids! It's Smile Time." Commentary looks like it will be nice too.
I thought that the menus might actually be in the order that people were added as regulars, except then shouldn't Fred and Wesley be reversed? Looks to me like the order was Angel, Fred, Wesley, Gunn, Lorne, Spike.

I like this packaging, and the extras look like a lot of fun. Another month, eh?
Huh teenes? Gunn was in the credits way before Fred.

[ edited by eddy on 2005-01-24 21:27 ]
I'm pretty sure that Teenes means the actual order on the DVD menus, not the order they were added on the show.

"Teenes means"? Hee!
I thought Teenes meant that they thought it was in the order they were made regulars but that can't be right because fred comes before Wesley..but my point (i think) is that even still it wouldn't work with that cause if it were to be in the order of people made regulars then it would be Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, Lorne, Spike. Not A,W,F,G,L,S or A,F,W,G,L,S.

I hope that makes sense.

And when I think about it, that would've been way better. That way, Wesley would get the menu with Lineage and Fred would get the menu with A Hole In THe World.

[ edited by eddy on 2005-01-24 23:07 ]
Quick question: these DVD menus will be the same as the ones on the R1 DVD as well, won't they?
Yes. All the menus are the same in each region except for taking out obvious things like UK trailers.
Thanks eddy, much appreciated.
Is it just me or does it seem like there is a really sad undertone to the DVD menus. At least compared to other seasons. Or maybe it's just me being sentimental. Also, for some reason the menu with Fred makes me feel really sad... I guess it's because of how she ended up. It also bugs me about Spike being on the last disc. I feel it should have been Wes or Illyria, because Angel has to be on the first disk. I would have prefered it like this A/S/G/L/W/I. I can not believe this is the last set. :( Here's hoping for continuation... (On another note, is Joss going to Comi-Con this year?)
I think I meant that I thought maybe the menus were in the order of the characters being added as regulars, hence why Spike is on the last disk, except yeah, Fred is completely in the wrong place. You're right eddy, it wouldn't just be Fred and Wes being reversed. But everyone except Fred *is* in that order, which is why the thought came to mind.

I'm not sure if I just clarified things or confused them further. I was a bit surprised that the order the characters appear on the menus seems to have little to do with the episodes on that particular disk, which is why I was coming up with alternative explanations. I do like how the cover is pretty much just Angel, with the small shot of Angel and Spike fighting in "Destiny".
80 is ludicrous.
Grounded said:
"80 is ludicrous"

Very true, but you can get it off of Amazon for the still ludicrous 55.99. This collection has been an incredibly expensive one, one which apparently is due to the boxes, which raises the question, "why did they choose such an expensive box design".

It's annoying that these'll probably be rereleased at 35 at some point in the future, but I haven't don't want one set to stand out from the rest with different box design, if I didn't care about that I could import it a week earlier for 27.99. And when I put it like that I come across as a bloody idiot that has 30 to throw away.

At least they're not as expensive as the X-Files (original releases) and Farscape sets, they both came out at 100.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-01-25 00:56 ]
Of course it all depends what you compare them too. I agree that 80 is very expensive, but then a brand new movie is priced at around 17.99, which works out at much less value in a minutes per pound way. I've never paid more than 45 for a season of any tv show (Angel s1 by coincidence) and 8 for a movie but I'm sure plenty of people do pay, otherwise they wouldn't price them so highly.
"At least they're not as expensive as the X-Files (original releases) and Farscape sets, they both came out at 100".

Tell me about it, here in the States to try and get a new Farscape box set is about $149.99, had to get mine off ebay for $80.00.
I believe Angel is supposed to be re-released next year in M-lock packaging. That means that they will be able to squeeze 6 DVDs into a regular size DVD box. (I don't know how they do it, I just know they can). I know I'll buy this one. And I'll probably buy the M-lock ones too because the packaging should hold up better. My current Angel set boxes are falling apart just from having to open them up and unravel this long line of DVDs. Never understood why they don't package them in book style like they do in Europe.
Funny, I like the Region 1 boxes much better. And the price, too. For the difference of 40 Euros you can get a code-free DVD player on Ebay. Buy two seasons of Angel on DVD and it's already worth it :)

[ edited by Elo on 2005-01-25 02:40 ]
Funny, I like the Region 1 boxes much better. And the price, too. For the difference of 40 Euros you can get a code-free DVD player on Ebay. Buy two seasons of Angel on DVD and it's already worth it :)

Yeah, but: NTSC. *gags*
I'd rather have a film that runs like it's supposed to as opposed to that nice PAL speed-up.
There is something grossly wrong with the fact that Sarah Thompson aka' Eve is doing commentary for the Cordy centric 'YOUR WELCOME'. Eve is the single worst character in the history of either show and Ms. Thompson's performance is diplomatically best described In a season lacking strong female characterization, Eve stood out as a shining example to this deficiency-painfully highlighted by CC's brief return in 'YOUR WELCOME'. Charisma's 40 minutes of screentime brought more life and character to season 5 than Eve did in her entire waisted run. The whole thing makes one wonder what the DVD producers have been putting in their coffee each morning.
I'd rather have a film that runs like it's supposed to as opposed to that nice PAL speed-up.
Emm, OK. But what about the pulldown problem? It very clearly doesn't run smooth in panning sequences with NTSC. And then there's
the lower resolution.
I saw the 'Angel 100 Featurette' and became bitter with the WB all over again. Didn't they cancel Angel a week or so after their 100 episode party? What mockery. "You guys are great! The show Angel is wonderful!" A week later. "Oh, your show is cancelled." Still makes my blood boil. I know, old subject. Sorry to harp on it again.

stiansaint, that's PAL 4% speed up gets me too. I've searched the 'net for a reasonable priced 60hz-to-50hz converter with no luck. Then again, I sometimes get a kick out of hearing Buffy in extra screaky ;)
The speedup used to not bother me, but now that I get most of my TV off the internet, without the speedup, it really does bother me when I see it on TV or buy the R2 DVDs. There must be a way for them to fix the problem, so I don't see why they don't especially when they're charging us so much for them.

It's why I get the Region 1 sets of TV shows now if possible.

Yep, Angel was cancelled a week or so after the 100th episode party, a week or so after that b*st*rd Levin went on about what a great show it was, and how Joss shouldn't worry 'cos the network could support two vampire shows. If theres clips from the party on the DVD and he's on the screen at any point, I fear things may get thrown at the TV.
Ghost Spike, you will not be the only one whose TV may be damaged
I didn't even know about the speedup and was always wondering about David's higher voice lol. Thanks for clearing that up.
NTSC didn't work properly for me in 4:3 format, like in Season 1, so I can't recommend that.

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