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January 25 2005

(SPOILER) Wonderfalls DVD review at SFW. As with most SFW reviews this includes some mildly spoilery plot summarising.

I look forward to it - sweet, quirky, and inheritor of what Joss quipped the "time slot of doom", I found the show to be nice. Before I had time to become addicted. . . poof. . . gone the way of promising shows like Miracles and Firefly.
Got mine yesterday, it seems to be a great DVD, and it's nice to see the episodes again. The making of is quite a good one, the actors seem to have actually enjoyed their time on the show.

Shame that the stories they had planned (they mention the season 3 premiere) will never be filmed.
That must be so cruel to have so much stuff planned out and have to throw it all away :(
My experience is that writers rarely throw anything away. The ideas come back on around somewhere else in a different form.
You know what I mean though - the stories were intended for certain characters and now they can never be fulfilled.
It's like Dead Like Me has never existed. Dead Like Me is a much better show than both Wonderfalls and Joan of Arcadia, and was created by Brian Fuller the creator of Wonderfalls, yet it doesn't even rate a mention. After two brilliant seasons Dead Like Me has been cancelled due to a lack of recognition.
Zoic_Fan: Seems like folks have discussed Dead Like Me at length here before. I never saw it, but I seem to recall someone mentioning that Fuller departed early on because the show was taken in a different direction than he had wanted. Or is that not an accurate statement?
SNT, i remember reading something very similar about Fuller leaving the show so i'm guessing that you aren't far from the truth there.

Have to admit to not being incredibly impressed with Dead Like Me. I watched nearly all the episodes of the first season when they aired on Sky One and lost more and more interest every week so i never intended watching the second season at all. Actually, has that even been aired over here in the UK yet?
Well Bryan Fuller mentioned his reasons for leaving Dead Like Me in the interview I posted a couple of days ago.

I am a big fan of both Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, but have to disagree that DLM is much better than Wonderfalls. I personally prefer Wonderfalls. The reason WF gets more mention here is the Tim Minear connection which is what gave WF it's own category.
I love both Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me. I haven't seen the 2nd season yet but I am deeply saddened that Showtime canceled it.

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I'm frustrated Dead Like Me fan who doesn't understand why Wonderfalls seems to getting all this recognition while Dead Like Me hardly even rates a mention, and I don't just mean this website I mean any TV site. Wonderfalls rates a mention quite often yet you will hard pressed to find anyone talking about Dead Like Me.

Paul_Rocks, I have to disagree with you once again, although Wonderfalls was cleverly conceived and well written I don't think it had the emotional resonance that Dead Like Me had. Also conceptually I think Dead Like Me had so much more going for it than Wonderfalls.

Gothic, Dead Like Me petered out a bit at the end of season 1, but was getting better and better in season 2. Season 3 was looking like it was going to be the best season yet. The last shot of the last episode of season 2 was truly emotional, which makes the shows cancellation even more painful.

I think I need a hug.
Well there were probably more reviewers who saw Wonderfalls than Dead Like Me since you need a showtime subscription to see DLM.
I watched the first four episodes or so of Dead Like Me when they aired on The Movie Network (Canada's HBO/Showtime basically). I liked the pilot okay, especially the very beginning of George's story up until the time she died and was recruited...I'm not sure why, but the rest just didn't work for me. I guess after having Six Feet Under treat the prospect of death a lot more intelligently (and with the appropriate amount of fear surrounding it), while still managing to find morbid humor in it, I just couldn't take DLM's careless hokeyness. I recall one episode of DLM (the third?) being really schmaltzy, involving some little girl that George manages or at least attempts to save after she's found out that she's the next soul she has to claim. It just got a bit heavy-handed for my tastes when it was trying to be affecting. Also, I heard ahead of time that the series' creator had left it due to differences with the studio (MGM, which has troubled Showtime shows in the past, ie Jeremiah, and I didn't wanna go through that again and see another series canceled because of it), and having now read the recent Bryan Fuller interview, it was worse than I imagined. I mean that bit with George's dad intended to be gay, even set up as such in the pilot, and then they change that? C'mon, Showtime is the network of Queer As Folk and The L Word, there's absolutely no reason for that alteration. I also heard that actor Rebecca Gayheart had left the series after only five episodes (or had been fired?) and that sends a major red flag up for me right away--abrupt cast changes early in the series. Sure, I watched it anyway, gave it a pretty fair shot, but I went in knowing that the original creator wasn't very involved after the first few episodes. That's not to say it didn't get better under the new showrunners, but I doubt I'll ever check out the rest of the series to see.

So I was probably right to not put my time into a show that MGM could interfere with, famous as they are about giving demanding "network notes". 'Cause it sounds like DLM fans have been left out in the cold. Dunno if you guys were given a cliffhanger, but it sure doesn't sound like all the storylines were wrapped up to satisfaction. So that's unfortunate. And I did think some of the cast was pretty good, so too bad for them as well.

I did think Wonderfalls was a far stronger show.
On the subject of Dead Like Me, i just noticed in the TV Guide article concerning the Angel telemovies that The WB have passed on the chance to pick up the show so it looks like it won't be returning for a new season there either.
Well as much as I love DLM, The WB not picking it up can only be a good thing. There's no way it could've been broadcast on The WB in it's original form (kind of ties in well with the thread about the FCC/PTC) and I wouldn't want a watered down version (no swearing, no gruesome death scenes - no thanks) Still a damn shame it got cancelled though. I've already watched s1 3 times through and I really enjoyed s2. I would appear that even Showtime isn't a safe place for my favourite shows, just need HBO to give Carnivale the kiss of death and I'll have nowhere left to turn for hope.

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