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January 25 2005

First look at Angel Season 4 Wesley figure. And a new photo of the standard Lorne figure too.

I don't think that looks anything like Wesley!

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Thats a good one of Lorne.
I know! It looks like Remo Williams or Kramer! Why is his head so round? Wesley has a narrow head.
His head is extra small too....
Maybe it is just the angle of the picture, but you are right, aerelorn, his head does look extra small, particularly when compared to his arms.
And yet I still feel the need to own it. Go figure.
They look great and nearly identical
Excellent likeness of the singin' green demon. Methinks I must have him for a computer mascot at work. :)

Now, Wes -- where are his cheekbones? That lean 'n' hungry look of his in S4 is half the reason he was so hot. And my, aren't his hands big ... and you know what they say about big hands....
Hee hee true Wiseblood
That's not Alexis Denisof, it's Angus Macfadyen from Miracles and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Lorne looks great but then Lorne always looks great.
I agree, not a very good likeness of Wesley. Time & Space Toys has a better Wesley and here's another Lorne.
The Lorne figure, imo, is the best likeness of any of the action figures I've seen. It really looks like him! But yeah, the Wesley one, not so much.
Apart from the smallness of Wesley's head, I think it's great. He's even standing like Wesley. Just look at his eyes, eyebrows, mouth and chin. It's Wes! Much better than Lorne's IMO.
They look AWFUL! Why is Wesley's head so darn small?
This why I never planning on buying a Buffy/Angel action figure. They're terrible.

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