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January 26 2005

(SPOILER) Information on upcoming DeKnight-penned "Smallville" episodes. Tonight's new "Smallville" was co-written by Steve, and he wrote 4.17 as well.

The 17th episode, Onyx, should be very interesting--Lex is split into two beings, his good and bad sides--reminiscent of The Replacement, as well as that original Star Trek episode I don't know the name of. It airs in April. There are spoilers for tonight's ep, "Unsafe," near the top of the page, right past the "Very Important Spoilers" section. Scroll down for the Onyx spoilers.

I loved Run, but not so much Spell (was that the name of his witch one.)

And just like last week there is more than one Buffyvese writer show on, if I'mnot mistaken the next episode of Alias was scripted by Drew Goddard.

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Yeah, Tonight's episode is Drew's. From promo pictures and advertisements it appears they're doing a spoof on DH. I hope my expectations aren't wrong!

And I loved the character from last year that is in Deknight's episode tonight so that should be a treat for me too.
"Run" was a good episode, "Spell" was fun (if only for the outfits), but it just seemed like too much like Charmed (which I really, cannot stand). Just read the other day that there won't be a Flash spinoff like people thought there would, I couldn't see it happening anyway.

This season has been a real mixed bag, I really enjoyed last year, but there's already been 2 or 3 episodes this year that I haven't liked, hope the next batch is better.

Also, glad Chloe's finally going to find out, the show needs that, for Clark to have one of his friends know.

Is there a reason for no Alias next week, I thought the whole 7 month wait was to avoid breaks, and here we are, 4 episodes in and they're taking a week off.
I left Smallville at the start of this season when they brought Lois in prematurely. The first two seasons were alright, but they've drifted so far away from canon, I don't recognize it as the origin of Superman anymore. For all I know, the show is now about the childhood of Groucho Marx. In fact, that would be an improvement.
Actually, this has been my favorite season so far. They finally found a way to integrate Lana into the mythology of the series, and yes, they are huge changes in canon, but I like the fact that the series is developing its own version of how the events transpired. For what it's worth, their Lois is *fantastic*.
Yes, I love Lois. She's so much better than the horrific Chloe. Finally, a girl on this show who isn't making passive aggressive moon eyes at someone.
Yes there is a reason for no Alias next week, if I'm not mistaken there is a presedential address.

Which really, I don't think we can blame ABC for that.

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Didn'tw atch Smallville but Goddards Alias episode was by far the best of the season. Just very cool.
I never really liked Alias, and now it's opposite West Wing which has finally started getting interesting again. I'm ticked that Lost has gone into reruns. I can't figure out where they're going with that show but I love watching them try to get there. I think I saw one or episode of Smallville with the new Lois. Well, part of one. I don't like her. I also don't like that she's come into his life before college. What about Lori Lemars? They completely wrote out the mermaid in a wheelchair!
Steveís show tonight was good and Iíve liked most of this seasonís Smallville. Iím not bothered by the way it has veered off from the mythologies of the comics and never was. It is far from being alone since over the years the comics themselves have reinvented, re-imagined, interpreted and several more euphemisms for buggered with, the Superman mythos.

Set today, it couldnít go back to the foundation. Instead, theyíve tried to stay true to the heart of the idea. Making Lex a boyhood friend of Clark Kent was inspired and the Luthor dynamic has been one of the best things on television.

Iíve like Alias... just not as much as I would like to. As for it being a problem that it is across from West Wing... seriously? I can see a soul-less undead bloodsucker as a good guy... or smuggling mercenaries... maybe even lawyers... but politicians? Thatís asking for too much suspension of disbelief.
Too bad you don't like Alias, Zachsmind, because tonight's Drew Goddard penned episode was brilliant. It was funny and charming and moving...and so totally Drew.

As for Smallville, I wasn't able to watch it for a while because I was working those nights, and I haven't caught up yet. I think I'll wait for the DVDs. I'm not so married to that show and I don't mind waiting.
Hey I'm happy Mr. Goddard's working. Glad he got the gig. However, an hour of watching two secret agents suffering from romantic frustration posing as newlyweds in a middle class residential neighborhood? Where've I seen that plot device before? X-Files did it once, and it was old hat then. The commercials leading up to this week did nothing to encourage me to tune in. I watched West Wing instead and was entertained in a manner I preferred. I don't think it was "too bad." You enjoyed watching what you watched and I enjoyed watching what I watched. To each his own. =)
Funnily enough i thought of the same X Files episode when i read the description of this episode ZachsMind. It was called Arcadia if i remember correctly.

Truthfully i can't remember the last time i watched something entirely unique, that didn't remind me of another episode from another show.

Wait, i take that back! Farscape: The Peacekeeper War! Now that was four hours of mind blowing fresh science fiction. Even the cliches seemed original! :)
Farscape had a way of always seeming fresh, even when it used cliches, it was just brilliant.

Last night's Alias was definitely the best so far this season, and finally they seem to be starting an arc plot (what is Jack and Sloane's timetable?). I knew the X-Files had done the set-up of the episode before, I even remember watching the episode, I just can't for the life of me remember what actually happened in the episode.

I'll probably get to watch Smallville tomorrow, can't watch it today (damn download limit!).
Ghost Spike, the basic plot of that X Files episode was that Mulder and Scully posed as a married couple in order to find out why couples were disappearing from a planned community. It turned out that the guy who had established the community had created a monster that he unleashed on any couples who didn't adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the area.

Pretty funny episode actually. The part where Mulder purposely keeps damaging the mailbox at the front of his home only to have it mysteriously fixed and straightened again always makes me smile. :)

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