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January 27 2005

Canceled TV Show 'Wonderfalls' on DVD. "Fans curious about what happened to Fox's critically acclaimed fantasy-drama "Wonderfalls" need wonder no longer".

Some interesting comments at the bottom about the recent popularity of scripted drama, namely "Lost" (go David Fury!) and "Desperate Housewives."

I'm so excited! All the episodes, commercial-free, with commentary. It sounds like a little slice of heaven.
If you're quoting from the article, please remember to put double speech marks around the quote. I've amended your subject line to do so.
I've never seen any of Wonderfalls (it will probably never air here in Europe), but look so much forward to receiving this dvd (preordered ages ago, of course). Hopefully, it will live up to its hype (or maybe not, considering it's been axed - my heart's still broken from Firefly).
"I've never seen any of Wonderfalls (it will probably never air here in Europe)"

Actually it just finished airing here in Ireland and SKY are reported as having bought it
It's also currently airing in Sweden. And the same channel is airing both Firefly and Jake 2.0. So I guess "Whedonverse & it's relatives" that didn't fly is that channels tune of choice.
I got about the first 5 episodes here in NZ via friends - And I read the transcripts on the alarmingly named It's good, very good, and it gets better. It's not, necessarily, everybody's cup of tea. It's clever - and I think some folk have a reaction to that.

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