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July 11 2002

(SPOILER) The Oracle speaks. Detailed spoilage for episode 1 and some for epi 2 from 'The Oracle' at the Cross and Stake today.

I'm not going to copy all of the information here. For an overview check Spoilerslayer.

Spoilerslayer also mentions both the 'Crypt' and 'Magic Box' sets have been torn down.

From the information The Oracle spills on episode 2 one might speculate that Giles will not be involved in the first half of the season much.

Also... Buffy FINALLY becomes a cool kid and acquires a mobile phone. I never understood why the Scoobies didn't have mobile phones before. I know they're not as pervasive in America as they are here in Europe, but still, wouldn't they be indispensable in their line of work?

If I may comment on my own post here, I'd like to add that I think the resurrection of Sunnydale High is a good idea. I always missed the dynamic of that location (or any other with plenty of regular 'outsiders' for the main cast to play off).

In the last few seasons, we had Buffy's house (conveniently housing EVERYBODY), a shop that never seemed to have a lot of customers, Xander's flat (underused) and eventually the Double Meat Palace (with a handful of underused characters). And of course there was the Bronze... which should have had a recurring bartender or waitresses, but didn't. It meant we were stuck with all Scooby, all depressed, in all oppressive locations, on screen, all the time.

And let's face it. One Clem does not replace Principal Snyder.
Actually cellphones are very pervasive here in the states. It did seem unnatural that Buffy didn't have one, but in season six it made sense since she didn't have much money for such luxuries. In real life, some treat cellphones like necessities. Personally I don't have one and don't plan to ever get one, but that hasn't stopped SprintPCS from sending me a bill. Apparently they think I own one. *shrug*

I kinda wish they could find a better way of approaching the future rather than going back to Sunnydale High. It feels kinda one step forward two steps back. It's familiar though, and perhaps that's what season seven's going to be about: trying to bring everything full circle. They have explored out beyond the confines of the show's original concept. As I understand it, Joss Whedon's germinal idea for Buffy was a seemingly innocent harmless looking girl in a graveyard. The last memorable time I recall that image was in the scene where Buffy was walking home from the DMP with a bag of burgers in hand, and the vampire turned down trying to eat her because she smelled so greasy. They've stretched the original concept to its breaking point, and perhaps the only way to resolve that is to at least try to "go back home again."

As for the other sets, it is illogical to believe they'll rebuild the Magic Box. It's pretty much outlived its usefulness. Any use of the Magic Box for season six prior to the season finale seemed rather repetitive - in the case of the Mummy Hand quite literally. Although it would be a grand gesture on Xander's part to try and fix the Magic Box for Anya's sake, I think by the time we return to Sunnydale this fall, Anya will have separated from her employment for Giles. She's got her old job back after all.

Seeing Xander's old apartment again? Uncertain. When he left Anya at the altar, he had to move to a hotel temporarily. However, in Entropy they showed him there again. The place is in his name and not Anya's, so it might become logical to see the Scoobies turn that into their new meeting place. I seem to recall in "The Replacement" that Anya had hoped to see their place turn into the new home. I guess she wanted to be the hostess, but instead often Buffy's home was where everyone gravitated.

They've overused Buffy's home since "The Body." Some could argue as far back as "Dead Man's Party" the writing staff has started using that set as a sort of crutch. That house has gone through so much that it is a miracle it still stands. Also, after the losses of Joyce and Tara, it would be realistic if the characters no longer wish to live there. Too many memories. So many villians now know that's where Buffy lives. One would think it ill-advised for her to remain there.

We will most probably never see the DMP ever again. Thankfully. It was funny at first but doesn't make a good running joke. Also it sounds like that caused minor problems with some sponsors. So that set has worn out its welcome. It's doubtful Giles still has his Sunnydale apartment. Personally I enjoyed that place more than perhaps any, especially during the Thanksgiving episode. I don't see why The Crypt is being written off by the Oracle. Nothing bad happened to it. Spike sort of gave the place to Clem after he left. When Spike returns, even souled he could still be roomies with Clem. I think they make a great pair of trusting chums. Oh well.

So what does that leave us? The street sets or "external" shots of Sunnydale itself. The Bronze which is a mainstay. And now the new school. I'd like to think the staff writers for Buffy could do better than that.

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