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January 27 2005

Firefly: 'Dead or Alive' Complete Script - Script for an unaired episode.

I don't think this was posted before, I couldn't find it in the archives. I initially saw this on who credited Fireflyfans so I went straight to to find it and had a heck of a time finding it. Haven't yet read it myself but will be shortly.

I read it when it 1st appeared. A decent read, would've liked to have seen it made, but I didn't think it was as good as most of the episodes that did get filmed.
It's not really new info, I read this good and well a year ago. There are several things about this episode that I'm really sad we never got to see, especially a very interesting side of Simon and Jayne's turtle of course. Joss gotta put the turtle into one of the movies atleast.
I wonder, what would be the legalities and expense of this script being produced as a fan oriented work? It wouldn't be as good as the real thing of course, but might be interesting to see what the Whedon fan community could do with the script.

It'd be impossible to use the actual sets, but perhaps if much of it was filmed live action with green screen, computer post production could do the rest. Or someone with efficiency in animation could handle the visuals, and we could get fans with some experience in voice over work could record the voices. It could look similar to the work of Amber Benson and Christopher Golden with their Ghosts of Albion series. That way we could at least have the characters look the part even if the voice overs were merely impressions of the cast done by fans. If we can't get the animation right, at least an audio version of the story could exist; a bit like an olde time radio show.
I think I had also seen this when they first had it on but I didn't want to read it then because I was still hoping for the show to come back. I had read "Heart of Gold" and then heard it was going to be on the dvd so I didn't want to read another one. But I don't know if it was ever posted on Whedonesque. I just finished reading it and I liked it better than "Heart of Gold".

Does anyone know if there are any more of these scripts around for unaired episodes? It just feels like the show is still around when you get to read one of these!
"Hearts of Gold" gets dumped on on more than a few web sites. I thought that it was a pretty cool episode, mostly for the action and humor. Jayne and Wash (Adam and Alan) brought their A-game to that one. Granted the "Low Battery" gag at the end was a bit much, but . . .

Morena looked amazing, too. But, when does she not?

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Not saying I didn't like "Hearts of Gold", just saying I liked this script better.
Oh I know, I was just making a comment on somethings that I have read other places. Just a point. I should have clarified in my posting. Have a good one.
Shiny! Thanks for posting up this link, Firefly Flanatic. Although it isn't truly "new", it's sure new to me.

*reads voraciously*
Yes it was posted here before but it was well over a year ago. Seeing as it's Friday, it can stay.
I tried searching for "'Dead or Alive' script" and "Firefly script" but it didn't come up. I just tried searching again and dropped the "script" part and sure enough it showed up. But thanks for letting it stay. I hadn't read it before and I'm curious to see what others think of it.
ZachsMind, I love your idea but to be realistic I think you're thinking so much out of the box that you can't even see the box anymore. :) If people in general had these kind of skills there would be loads of StarTrek, X-Files, Buffy, Angel, CSI etc episodes out there. No, I think your best bet would be using The Movies when it's released to make something so-so atleast, depending on how advanced the software is.
I'm with Zachsmind on this one, and there are several Star Trek fansites out there where people do their own episodes.

Like this one for example.

And this one too.

And why restrict it just to Firefly, why don't we have Buffy and Angel fans writing, directing and starring in their own home made episodes?
There are? Then I stand corrected. Maybe there's some hope for a fanverse aswell. :)
I'm all for people doing their own thing. Variety, spice, life, all that. But please don't make me watch Fluffy the Vampire Slayer again . . . (not a big fan)
I always thought a stage version of OMWF would be cool!
Fluffy the Vampire Slayer? Isn't that the british fan-made Buffy parody? Farmer Giles. Wow.

Home-made episodes. Man, if I had the means, I would write and direct a Buffyverse play. The OMWF musical has been performed in the college Joss attended, what was the name of it? Wesleyan? Something like that. The school had to ask Joss for permission and He gave it. Man, now I need to hunt down that info online, huh?

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Yes, Joss went to Wesleyan! It's in Connecticut.
Simon's links prove that it's plausible to create a fan based series based loosely on either Buffy or Firefly. The problem isn't that I'm thinking so far outside the box as to be able to see the box. My problem personally is that I can't afford to help build the box. If we had a lot of Joss fans with piles of disposable income, I'm sure we already have enough creative souls among the community to make it work. We can't get an idea like this up and running if we can't get enough gas to get there.

Now here, I'm tempted to describe how we could create a fan series based loosely on either Firefly or Buffy. I'm sure it is possible. However, I've attempted this twice, got rather longwinded, and my web browser unceremoniously crapped out on me, thus losing all my rambling on the subject. It's entirely plausible God is trying to tell me something, so for now, I'll shut up about it. If anyone would actually be interested in hearing what I believe would be necessary in character and environment to capture the spirit of Whedon's vision without literally robbing his creativity blind, I'll try it again.

Maybe I should write up something for my weblog. Been meaning to update that thing anyway. I don't know if I want to explore this though unless there's actually people out there interested in looking outside that box. It's fun to explore pipe dreams, even if you don't have the pipes. However, I'd like some verbal encouragement before I make a complete fool of myself.

Besides, one of my fingertips appears to have developed a bruise. It's starting to hurt to type. I think I type too much. LOL
ZachsMind, why don't you start a thread at the Flicker library site. That way it would be an ongoing discussion about this and wouldn't disappear off the page in a few days. Frankly, I'm a little in the dark about all this stuff but I'm finding the idea fascinating and would love to see what you and others could come up with.
Uhm. Okay. We'll try that. A Flickr library thread just for this tidbit of topic drift. Let the idea sink or swim on its own merits.

...if I did it wrong somehow I apologize ahead of time. It's my first attempt at using

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Firefly Flanatic, excellent find. I feel like a kid who just discovered an unopened X-mas gift behind the sofa. Wonderful read.

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