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January 28 2005

Season two unaired episodes of Tru Calling will screen on New Zealand network TV3 beginning February 4 at 7.30pm.

Normally I wouldn't link to TV Tome since it isn't always reliable, but TV3's site only has the episode description for 2.2 up at the moment.

Well I didn't much like the show, even though Eliza was fantastic but its good to see that Eliza's work will not be for nothing

And as proof of TV Tome Unreliability check out the Buffy:Animated page! Sheesh!
Well I guess somebody will see it then. Which will probably be frustrating seeing how it is the set up of a season that will never reach it's end.
Well up to a month after Eliza said it was cancelled SKY were still saying they would transmit it and they didn't begin last year until around February anyway.
I mourn for Tru Calling. I loved that show.
Have these episodes not been shown in the states? If there's an interest I could maybe make a copy...and then invite you all round to NZ so as to not break any copyright laws.
They might become downloadable once they air. I don't know how big that fandom is. I'm sure they will show up somewhere though.

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