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January 28 2005

(SPOILER) She'll be back! Kristen from E!Online is reporting that Alyson Hannigan will return to "Veronica Mars", and the number of episodes she'll appear in is being worked out as we speak. Can be found halfway down the page. Spoilers for other shows

I think we already knew this didn't we?
Did we? I looked through the archives to check to see if it had been posted before, and couldn't find it. Also looked through some other Buffyverse sites and this appeared to be the first time that it was posted on them
I could be misremembering, but I thought the official word was, AH was only confirmed to appear in a sweeps episode. Everyone here was hoping it would turn into something more lengthy, which apparently it has. Good news!

Wonder if good Net buzz had something to do with it, or did they just like her so much when they shot the ep, they decided to write her a juicier arc? Kristen Bell had some super-nice things to say about her, for sure.
Fair enough, for some reason I thought I read Alyson was going to be a recurring character. My mistake. I look forward to see to see her guest on Veronica Buffy Mars.
I believe the original Kristen tidbit mentioned, or at least implied, that she would be a recurring character, because when we were trying to figure out who Kristen was talking about, a lot of people ruled Aly out as they thought she would have too many commitments with her other (now former) show.
Life is good. That's all I have to say about that.
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