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January 28 2005

Universal to preview "Serenity" in London, England. "At 6:30pm on Tuesday 8th February, Universal will be showing SERENITY for the first time outside of the US at a cinema in central London."

Chris Buchanan and Michael Boretz, Joss Whedon's assistant have asked Universal to make a number of tickets available exclusively to STARFURY to distribute to "Starfury: Serenity" ticket holders.

Thanks to Darin for the link.
Oh to be in England now that Serenity is there...
Oh Caroline, bringer of excellent news, you shall forever be worshipped for this!!!!!!!!!!! And to Darin who gave Caroline the link! Thankyou!

I love living in England!
wsjk! jealous....
WTF!!! Why do the Brits get all the good cons and screenings?? I thought there would be perks to living in LA?! *grumbles*
And we got all the Buffy DVDs first as well...
That's almost unheard of. Excellent, that's an amazing thing to do for the British fans. Makes me wonder if they'll do at that Wondercon convention in the States in February.
Rogue Slayer, I trust you're joking . . . we have had a few little tasty morsels thrown our way lately (ComicCon, High Stakes, Tom Lenk's play, Serenity screenings, which admittedly only select few knew about). Duck and cover now, is my advice. ;)

OTOH, I just learned, from my newly-received (and may I say it's bloody good) copy of Keith Topping's "Slayer" that *New Zealand* actually aired Welcome to the Hellmouth before the U.S. Who knew . . . well, possibly Giles (yes it's my real name), but who else?

And I'm going to be in London only at the end of March, thus falling in between the Serenity screening and the April convention. Rats.
Well, there's never anything fun here in Massachusetts. Actually, they did have that thing in the Boston area where they showed OMWF and Hush but I didn't hear about it until it was too late to go!

So, does anyone know how many screenings there have been? And isn't this a promising sign that Universal is screening in other parts of the world besides the US? I also think it's great that tickets are being made available to Firefly fans too. Maybe they do feel there is enough of us out there to make this movie a success.
Rogue Slayer, I trust you're joking . . . we have had a few little tasty morsels thrown our way lately (ComicCon, High Stakes, Tom Lenk's play, Serenity screenings, which admittedly only select few knew about). Duck and cover now, is my advice. ;)

Well, yes, we do get SOMEthings in LA, but still...we should get it ALL. Or at least we should get it all FIRST! Come on, when are David and James going to do a con here? Or anywhere in the states? Not fair! *stomps foot*
SNT - I totally saw that at the time! But had no idea it was the first screening because that was before the internet had been invented by magical squirrels. God bless you, Internet. God bless you, magical squirrels.
Haha, Rogue Slayer, I feel so sorry for you because you only got to go to the Oakland con, the High Stakes event, and Tom Lenk's play. You're so deprived.

I feel like Portland, Oregon is this little hidden city that no one even thinks of coming to. I swear, if Portland had a Firefly con or anything like that, I alone could recruit enough fans to pack the place. That's my superpower.

Honestly, as much as I'm dying to know about the Serenity movie, after the first test screening I realized what a burden it would be to *know* the secrets of Serenity, and not be able to talk about it with my friends.

I'd rather wait until the movie is complete where it is the best it can be (with score and SFX). I'm kind of funny that way. I would rather wait until it's finished.

That said, if someone came to my door right now and offered me tickets to a Serenity test screening, I know I wouldn't be able to turn them down.

I'm so happy for anyone who gets to go to this. I hope you all have a good time. This fandom is so generous and friendly. Say it with me: "Awwww." :D

I certainly can't wait seeing Serenity in the theater with a bunch of strangers who are fans like me. The knowing looks, the comraderie, it's really kind of a dream come true for me.

Does that make me a big dork? I hope so.

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Screaming, tantrum-y American here!! GIMME!

Plus, none of you Brits will spoil! Argh, I'm really in the go-sei now.

I'm holding on to the hope that they'll do a preview in the States, and someone will leak it to us hungry, hungry Browncoats.

*Looks around*

Well I'm not going to complain. Living in LA has given us a lot of fun events to go to, but still....we had screenings here in LA too but in London they apparently ANNOUNCE it and give time and place! Couldn't they do that here??
If there was a screening at Wondercon, I would DIE. Of near-orgasmic happiness, I'm telling you. And who cares about seeing the film w/o the effects and music? With even the slightest chance of studio suggestions changing the movie, I wanna see the original vision before it's changed a smidge.

But realistically, I will be satisfied with a teaser trailer.
dottikin, I understand why you wouldn't care about seeing the movie without the effects and music. I just know that I want to wait for the story to unfold with all its power. That's just me, I know.
I'm torn on that. I want to see the final product in all it's glory. Not 'just imagine a big explosion here'. But then again, if the studios ARE going to mess with it....argn...

Not that it's an issue since I doubt I'll ever see a pre screening anyway. Unless......Comicon? Possible? Anyone have a guess if that's possible?? (My wife says no so I'm ignoring her right now...)
I'm fine with waiting for the finished product, which I am sure I will be watching over and over again like I watch all my Joss world dvds.

Rogue Slayer - Sorry, no sympathy here. Try living on the east coast - yes apparently it's a little known fact out in LA that there is an east coast in the US - funny you'd think with a city such as New York we would see more conventions with Jossworld actors, etc. attending but not really. So far I have only found a couple conventions in a driving distance. One big one (Moonlight Rising in PA, the high point of my year) and two in NYC where one actor from the verse may attend (Amber Benson, Christine Sutherland) but to see the one actor is upwards of $200!

Yet I know there are fans in parts of the US who don't even have the limited options I have, so I am happy I have something. Still it is upsetting to see the list of options people in the LA area get, I can understand it, but then England gets so much too! So I waiver between being grateful I have one good convention and upset because I can't see Tom Lenk's play - or see David B. who has never been anywhere in my area as far as I know - or Joss himself!
I can believe the reason the UK is so lucky with cons and guests is the number of actors who think "A free first class trip to London? Where do I sign?". Since the west coast is the other extreme ("It's ten minutes drive away, I'll do it") that leaves the east coast as too far away to be convinent and too close, and familiar, to be a real trip.
What does this mean for the movie, that the studio is screening it in the U.K.? Is this a thing studios often do, or is it a sign they think the movie will do well - or better - overseas? I'm trying to read the suits' minds, and it hurts!
There seems to be a misconception that the version that's being screened now is "Joss's pure vision." You know, if there are differences between the film as it is NOW and the film as it is on September 30th, then there's just as good a chance that the changes were made by Joss, rather than some Studio Exec.

A lot of directors spend time editing a film right up until the week it's set to premiere (although most films don't get delayed and have 5 months extra post-production time).

With this in mind, Joss might still be playing with the fonts and margins as we speak.
I've a hamhock and a couple of tomatoes in the ready can here, but I don't have the heart to throw them. Understand the frustration. Japan is my current stomping grounds and we get nothing here. Well, there was Sarah and that Grudge thing, but that was an exception. (Ducks drumstick) Hey!

This is good news, Caroline, and I'm looking forward to the reviews from WHEDONesque members who can attend this screening. I'll be happy with that. Must sign off for now and conduct a search. That drumstick looked tasty as it sailed over my head.
From his commentaries and articles I've read of his process, I really doubt Joss is still tweaking anything major right now. I'm not saying he's probably finished with his final product, but considering that he's not just willing to send this baby in for screenings but also a special convention screening, I think he considers the movie as representing of his vision as possible. I should think his experience in TV has helped him with this -- you don't have time to dither over TV.

Not to mention, TV execs are way less hands-on with the product than movie execs. And even then, FOX execs gave notes to Joss that essentially binned the first, far-superior pilot and changed the fabric of the entire character of Mal. They wanted Mal to be lighter and the show to be more humorous. With the new wave of screenings, and with the execs getting notes about what the test audiences liked and didn't like, I'm guessing they'll have notes about stuff that needs to be improved or smoothed out. I'm not saying anything's definite, or even likely, but the spectre of studio interference does bother me quite a lot. But I will admit maybe I'm just being paranoid. (I hope so.) But if not, here's to hoping for a director's cut of Serenity.

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