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January 29 2005

Fashion of Buffy. Article reviews season 7 episode "Lessons" from a fashion perspective. " There's changes in Sunnydale - new school, new characters and new roles as the Scooby gang matures and grows up. With bad hair and great fashion."

Please tell me the 'great fashion' bit is sarcastic... Season 7 had the worst fashion evah. I think I even saw Buffy wearing a skirt over jeans once...

And I know she didn't just diss Spike's sexy Bed Hair of Redemption...cuz I'm gonna have to throw down if that's the case...
Funny.....considering I remember S7 (and S6 too to a lesser extent) as having the absolutely ugliest fashion of the show. Dear lord, that insipid 'skirts over jeans' stuff. The weird asymmetrical frilly shirts that looked like they were made of tissue paper (and made SMG look like a 9 year old boy btw) and even those incomprehensible layered goth frocks or whatever those were. On top of conventional shirt/jacket to boot.

I still have a theory that SMG lost a bet and was made to dress in the dark for the entire year. Ugh ugh ugh.
Josh Wheadon? Grr...
I have to agree that S7 contains a few idiosyncratic fashion statements, but I rather liked some of them. Mind you, when I told one of my daughters that I liked the outfit SMG wore to the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Grudge' she told me never to speak to her again because I was scaring her. She quickly changed her mind when she realised she needed me to drive her to a friend's house. It's all about power, and I am shameless about using what little I have.
I thought Anya's style got very bizarre. I usually don't pay alot of attention to fashion, but season 7 had me exclaimimg "What the heck is Anya Wearing?!"
I think the fashions really were a roll of the dice, some days they all looked good, but other days...though they rarely all succeeded at the same time! Personally, the worst were Willow's fashions of season 4 and beyond (from when Tara was introduced. They dressed her just too damn weird and UNflattering for my tastes.

If whoever wrote that article had a clue they'd realize that JM's hair probably was NOT a perm, carefully styled perhaps as to not look bushy, but a perm probably wasn't necessary. BTW, I liked that look. Even when he was "spiked" you could tell that one was curly mass just trying to break free - always wondered how hard it was to keep that hair in check. I'm sure they used some industrial strength gel. :)

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I'm still wondering how Dawn got up the nerve to wear that sweater on her first day of high school.

But on the plus side, how about Willow in "Same Time, Same Place"?
I've always thought about the significance in the choice of clothing the characters wore, especially Buffy. Also, in some instances, you may notice couples dressing in similar color schemes. For instance, at the end of Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, Xander and Cordelia both wear yellow. And in The "I" in Team, Buffy and Riley looked like they coordinated their outfits so the colors would match. I guess when couples are having a harmonious relationship, it shows in what they wear. I'm certain the show's wardrobe department did this on purpose.
Electricspacegirl, I agree with you. I think it's most apparent in the first three or four seasons, and particularly in relation to Buffy. An example would be that when Buffy wears dungarees it usually signifies that she is feeling acutely emotionally vulnerable. 'Ted' and 'Helpless' are two obvious examples of this. In 'The Freshman' she wears flat-soled shoes. This emphasises how small she is, and creates the illusion of her being lost and insignificent in her imposing and alien new surroundings.
I think Buffy wearing more jeans and less skirts and dresses in the seventh season represents that she's ready to get down to business, no more playing around or clinging to the idea that she can be a "normal girl".
What I remember best from Buffy's Season 7 clothes was in fact in the first episode where she pulls a cell phone out of.... where?
Hip high skin tight pants. No pockets, no purse.
Of course they were doing fairly subtle things later on with how she dressed when she was also the First. It wasn't just the hairstyle that differed the two in looks.
That's one of the lesser-known slayer powers, the ability to place small objects in other dimensions and then retrieve them. She does it (a little) with stakes as well, although there's usually a sleeve or something to keep them in.
Okay Okay I'm not the ultimate guy to ask when it comes to fashion, mainly because I know nothing about it, but I do remember one particular example that made me cringe and want to curl up in a ball from Buffy. It occurs in "Dirty Girls", where she's wearing that Yellowish/Cream jacket/soldier uniform(!) in the bit where she leads the girls to Caleb's winehouse (I think!)

Just Terrible!
Worst outfit ever? Willow's fuzzy red shirt that looked as if it was made from Elmo in the early 6th season episode where Buffy tells Spike she was happy when dead.
Mostly I remember how badly they dressed Nick. He'd bulked up a little, but they had him dressed so sloppily that he looked like an out-of-condition wrestler. As the style mavens on "What Not To Wear" say, it's all about fit.

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