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January 30 2005

(SPOILER) Justice League Season Finale. Not really the season finale, which aired last night. New episodes will air starting next week, with Whedonverse vets lending their pipes. Spoilerish details in the link.

The characters? The Black Canary, voiced by Morena Baccarin in one episode and the Huntress, voiced by Amy Acker in another.

Justice League had a very strong season this year although I normally do not like cartoons ;-).

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Actually, Adam Baldwin was already featured in both parts of the 3rd season finale.
Adam was Jonah Hex in part 1 (one of the heroes) and Bonk on Part 2 (one of the villains) which aired last night.

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Actually, Adam Baldwin was already featured in both parts of the 3rd season finale

I did not know that. Cool, thanks.
JLU has been a lot of fun. It's great that they actually get people like Warren Ellis to write for it. It would be pretty spiffy if an ME writer could be persuaded to do an episode sometime.
Adam Baldwin as Jonah Hex? I never woulda pictured that but his voice is ideal. In fact he could probably pull off a movie based on the character. He doesn't look the part though. Too bulky. Hex is supposed to be lanky. He could capture the soul of the character though. I haven't thought about it before but there's a lot of similarities between Hex and Jayne.
I've read at other sites that Adam Baldwin might have provided the voice for Hal Jordan in last night's episode, too. It was a real quick little bit (the story revolved around time-travel and changes to the space-time continuum) but was arguably the best bit in the episode.

Also, what's not mentioned above is that Vigilante, the character Nathan Fillion is voicing, is slated to appear soon (possibly within the Superman vs. Doomsday episode).
Concerning the Adam being the voice of Hal Jordan, I just rewatched parts of the episode with Hal, and it sure sounded like Adam, but if it was really him, he wasn't credited for it at the end. It was only a few lines anyway.
But Adam's Jonah Hex, was definetely very Jane-ish.

Well, just adding things up.
We've already seen Gina Torres' Vixen once in Wake the Dead, which brought back Hawkgirl, back in December if you're in the US (late November if you're from Canada).
And we got Adam playing multiple characters in both parts of The Once and Future Thing.

This weekend we'll get another taste of Firefly in JLU, wich Morenna's Black Canary and the second appearance of Gina Torres' Vixen.

Later as the 4th season unravels, we'll get to see Nathan's Vigiante, and Amy Acker's Huntress. Plus we'll see Armin Shimmerman in a role that I can't quite recall right now and Juliet Landau in playing multiple characters.

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