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December 24 2002

The definitive Joss Whedon interview. Do a search on Google for "Joss Whedon" and this is the number one result, an interview with The Onion from September 2001.

Due to space constraints in The Onion A.V. Club's print edition, more than 4,000 words of the Joss Whedon interview needed to be excised. The exchanges can be found in their entirety here.

It's a classic interview and a real insight into how Joss works and thinks.

Yes, that Google thing is very annoying. What will it take for Whedonesque to obtain that number 1 spot?
Third place is pretty darn good. Maybe if all posts had "Joss Whedon" randomly inserted into them, whedonesque could take the number one spot. Probably.
It was a great interview. I hadn't read it before. I liked it. Thanks much.
O: Now that you've actually appeared in an episode of Angel, do you have the acting bug? Are you going to write yourself into more scripts?

Which episode of Angel featured a Joss cameo??
He played Numfar (him of the infamous dance) in "Through the Looking Glass" in season 2.
I have always loved this Joss Whedon interview with Joss Whedon. Ever since I first read this Joss Whedon interview, I have returned to this Joss Whedon interview every couple months because I love it so.

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