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January 30 2005

Win signed Wonderfalls scripts, DVD sets and surprise stuff. (official unofficial WF site) has unveiled three contests for creative types. Ready, set, have fun!

Cool, thanks, Drifter. Now if only I could find time to be creative and write something. I'm looking forward to the DVD release but am not sure when I'll have time to watch them. May have to make time!
Very cool. I already entered the contest Herc's having at Ain't It Cool News and I can't think of anything else to write about Wonderfalls at the moment (especially since I've only seen those four episodes that aired). So might as well stay out of the "get your words out" contest. It's too short notice to put any decent promotion together to enter the "I love you" contest and I'm not very artsy, so the "take a picture!" one is out too.
I hope I get my Wonderfalls DVDs in the next few days (amazon says someone bought it off my wish list for my birthday) so I can watch the show and get all musey. Not much time left to write a fanfic/spec script/etc. This sounds fun!
Y'r welcome Gaudior and Kris. You've got a really Happy Birthday coming up, eh, electricspacegirl?

I don't know whether everyone saw this on a week or two ago, but it contains the best quick portrait of the show I've ever read and gets as close as is possible to conveying the essence of Wonderfalls and its crazy world. Not surprising since it's writen by author Adam-Troy Castro. Go here to read it.
Drifter, my birthday has already started. I just got my very first cell phone EVER today and it's really nice. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to download the Buffy and Angel ring tones. And I'm going out for all-you-can-eat sushi in a week and a special friend is coming up from San Antonio to visit me very soon. :)

So yeah, I'd's going to be a very happy birthday for me!

I do wish we had more time to write those spec scripts/fanfics. I better start plotting...

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