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January 31 2005

Marc Blucas does Commentary. Sadly though not for Buffy, although you can hear Marc doing commentary for the (R1)DVD release of 'First Daughter' with his co-stars in the film. Which was just released on DVD this week.

I saw Marc Blucas in a BBC film called (as far as I remember) 'We Capture the Castle' over the Christmas period, which I quite enjoyed. I'm quite keen to see 'First Daughter'. I missed it at the cinema, so will look out for it when it arrives on DVD in the UK. I might even check out the audio commentary. I was always rather fond of Riley, and in the few interviews I've read Blucas comes across as personable and level-headed.
There was definetely a bit of Riley in this character.

Ill listen to the commentary, its just something I do, no matter how boring or stupid. And I like Marc and Katie, they're cute in the movie, and probably cute in reality too.
dashboardprophet, you're thinking of I Capture the Castle, an adaptation of a novel by Dodie Smith. I really enjoyed it, too, and thought Blucas did a terrific job. I'll also seek this one out just on his merit.
Flair, thank you. I knew it was something like that (I am, sadly, showing my general ignorance of literature). I caught the film by accident, not realising at the time that Marc Blucas was featured. That's why I kept watching, and I agree that he was excellent.

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