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January 31 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 19. With answers to queries about the Wesley and Lorne figures, among others.

Can't link directly to image on, so I removed that link.
The right link for the new puppet angel is : here

[ edited by glady on 2005-01-31 15:30 ]
Thanks glady!!!!!
I'm not so sure how well I like it, though. It's quite an improvement to what we saw before, but...

Oh, well. I'll probably buy it anyway. I love "Smile Time" too much not to.

After taking a better look at it, I'm wondering why they made his eyes blue? Angel doesn't have blue eyes. And the puppet's face is awfully pale, and his hair's a little too dark - and why does his face have to look so furry, by the way?
Maybe I'm too nitpicky for my own good, but I really, really wanted it to be good.

[ edited by obsessed on 2005-01-31 20:33 ]
Sorry about that.
Obsessed, I still don't like it either. It looks better than that first one did but it still doesn't quite capture the original likeness. Now we've seen some amateur person do a likeness that was spot on so why can't they get it right? The face looks too thin too. At least you can tell it's supposed to be him this time so I guess that is a step up.
Much better likeness, but the expression is what's fooling people. He should be brooding dammit! Not standing there with that goofy look!
The wolfy Oz looks great though!
"Smile Time" is the only episode of Angel (or Buffy) that I haven't seen yet. I can't wait for the DVD's.

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