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January 31 2005

Point Pleasant star craves adventure because of 'Buffy'. Elisabeth Harnois, star of Marti Noxon's 'Point Pleasant,' talks about the show and the early Buffy influence on her life.

Wesleyan University? Funny old world really.

Sad state of affairs when an actress has to point out that she is not the daughter of Satan.
I knew I liked that girl! She's one of us!!! :)
Whats wrong with Wesleyan University? I live not far from there could have partied with her and not knew it.
back_to_Gunn, I don't think Simon was saying that anything is wrong with Wesleyan University. He may have just been pointing out that that is where Joss went to college.

Also: '"I played a girl who turns into a wolf by night," she recalls.' --> aka, your character is WEREWOLF. If she's gonna be in sci-fi shows, she's gotta know the terms :) Sorry, that bugged me.
Technically a werewolf turns into a wolf/man hybrid monster, not an actual wolf. I didn't see the episode of Charmed (I try to avoid bad television when at all possible), so I don't know if she was actually a werewolf or just a shapeshifter.
Yes that's what I was referring to MySerenity. Funny old world. Scratching my head to think of others with Buffyverse connections who went to Wesleyan University.
I know i was just kidding. Funny coincidence with Joss.
Simon, It is amazing what has to be pointed out to some people. It is often best to cover your bases...(Hmmm. I guess that's a baseball expression. Maybe not the best to use on an international website.)...or take care of every possibility.

I played Lola in Damn Yankees once and the director sure did treat me like he thought I was a seductress working for the Devil and my leading man was a sweet young thing that I was corrupting. It was really strange.

[ edited by cj on 2005-01-31 20:08 ]
If she's gonna be in sci-fi shows, she's gotta know the terms :)

Seeing as she's in a fantasy show I guess she's okay then ;)
removed my comments

[ edited by back_to_Gunn on 2005-01-31 21:15 ]
It's based off an actual legend. She was cursed to turn into a wolf (not a actual wolf) by night, whilst her lover was turned into an owl during the day and became a man at night.

They would be seperated until there was a night within a day... or something along those lines....

So she has it right.
back_to_Gunn I think cj was referring to my comment that it was a sad state of affairs that an actress has to point out that she was the daughter of Satan and not what you said.
My head is way out of it today all this paperwork im going through. I apologize to all.

If shes a fan of Buffy you'd think she'd know about Oz.

[ edited by back_to_Gunn on 2005-01-31 21:48 ]
back_to_Gunn, please watch your spelling.
Since the article refers to Charmed as a "dark-themed" show, anything it says is heretofore negated in my mind.
I might be in the minority here but the show is just prodding along for me right now. I really want to like this show. However, the pace of the show is too mundane for me. I am still going to give the show a chance for about 5 or so more episodes. If it doesn't pick up then its a gonner for me.

It might not be fair to compare this show to Buffy or Angel and let it stand on its own. However, Buffy and Angel sort of set the bar for shows of this nature. I really hope the show picks up but it is not a good sign that after every episode the first thing I think about is how much I miss Buffy or Angel.

[ edited by DarenG on 2005-01-31 23:16 ]
Yes, Simon and Back_to_gun I was referring to Simon's comment. Sorry for any confusion.
Thanks CJ i misread, my bad.
Okay, so let me get this straight. The actress actually turns into a wolf at night (obviously not a werewolf, since those don't exist), but is not actually the daughter of Satan. Or is that backward? I'm so confused now ;-)
"The actress actually turns into a wolf at night"

This is describing the character she plays on the show Charmed.
Sad state of affairs when an actress has to point out that she is not the daughter of Satan.

Hmm, I actually never heard Tori Spelling say that ;)
DarenG, you're definitely not alone. I'm right there with you. I'm trying. Very hard. I even went back to watch Season 1 of Buffy to show myself that sometimes great shows have tone issues in the beginning. But it's not working. Season 1 is actually pretty good in the Buffyverse, if not a bit overly dramatic. . .
10 points to miranda! Every time a Spelling show airs, it lowers the collective IQ by five points. That could lead to reality shows that . . . waitaminit . . .

It's sad that the PP lead actress must state the obvious. It must be tough for some actors who must judge whether to take a controversial role. They must worry about typecasting by Hollywood producers, and may also face a kind of typecasting by the public. Weird, indeed.

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