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December 25 2002

Amber Benson's BBCi interview, now online. 40 minutes long.

I'll wait till the BBC Buffy site puts up a chat transcript, did she say anything about the non-appearance on Conversations with Dead People?
Yes, she did. She said it was 1. difficult to fit it in to her schedule and 2. she didn't like the fact that the story had her coming back to torture Willow. She said that too many fans have invested so much in her character, and she didn't want to do that to them.

My reaction to that is ambivalent. I think it's very sweet of her to care so strongly about how that - very vocal - part of her fan base would feel. And then I think it's a shame (to put it mildly) that she doesn't want to serve the story - which I think is what a majority of BtVS viewers would be more interested in, and what I think being actor is about.
Thanks prolific. I agree with what you say and I just hope her comments don't cause any bad feeling amongst Buffy fans and former Buffy fans.
And the solution that the inimitable Drew Goddard and the lovely Jane Espenson came up with was wonderful and appropriate, so no big.
Actually I like the way it's worked out. It keeps the fate of Tara's spirit in limbo, allowing various fan fiction writers to explore things as they each see fit. Maybe it's petty and silly of me, but I don't like the idea that The First Evil can take Tara's form. I know she's dead and all, but I like to believe there was more to Tara than met the eye, and that in the afterlife she'd be able to prevent that. It would explain why The First had to pose as Cassie and chose not to be Tara.

And on the other side of the coin, it makes more sense if The First's intent was to torture Willow, that it would keep the image of Tara away from Willow, and try to use the promise of seeing her again as incentive to get Willow to commit suicide. Just makes more sense to me either way.

So whether any viewer wants to believe Tara's just dead and that's all she wrote, or if they want to believe Tara's tale is far from over, keeping it vague allows both kinds of viewers the choice to enjoy the series as they choose to experience it.
so is she coming back or what mofo?

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