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February 01 2005

Sky One's Top Ten Sexy Sci-Fi Heroines. Our very own Slayer is entered into this list, which looks to be a bit of a promotion for "Hex". But One Question. Where is my Faith!

Who is this Dianna Troy they talk about? Any relation to Deanna Troi?
How could that be a promotion for HEX when none of the cast is on that list?
KnightFire at the top it mentions Cassie, the lead character. It was also on the HEX page on Sky One, so thats why i assumed that it was a promotion for the show. I dont know though, I could be wrong
Why are Sky still plugging that piece of crap? The series ended with a whimper and the IMDB board, for one, has been dead for months. Dead horse: Stop flogging. They have promised a second season...
Well, apparently there will be a second season, and more episodes this time around as well.

Honestly can't see why they are bothering. I tried to watch a few episodes and found myself changing channels to Living to watch the repeat of Most Haunted every single time. Really not interesting at all, in my opinion at least.

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