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February 01 2005

Wonderfalls - The Complete Series (R1) is also available today! All 13 episodes, including 9 that never aired are featured in this box set.

I know it is slightly off topic, but could anyone please tell me whether there will also be R2 release, or should I buy a region-free DVD-player?
Well since Wonderfalls hasn't aired in the UK yet the chances of a region 2 release aren't great, certainly not in the near future at any rate. At the moment I'm trying to decide where to import my set from :)

Works out about 13.70, plus a few dollars for p&p.

Or the reliable, 18 quid from them, so no customs charges.
I won't be buying mine til March. If anyone gets it, do you know if the video quality is as good as the Firefly release? I read it wasn't. But its probably better than the broadcast PQ.
Currently looking at where it's 13.46 with free postage but of course there's the import duty issues
I got this in the mail yesterday. It was a birthday gift from a friend.
Celebithil, if you can only get it on R1, you can try to 'decode' your DVD player. I've never done it before but it can be done on a lot of DVD players. It makes it a multizone or region-free player, but honestly I don't really know enough about it to recommend it too highly.
Got mine last Monday from playusa, not quite sure how it happens but sometimes I get imported stuff weeks before it's US release.

I really doubt it'll get a UK release, so I'd recommend importing it.

As I understand it, you only get charged import duties for items that come to over 18 (If you order more than one item Play send items seperately, so you just need to look at the price of each item, Amazon send items together, and if the total comes to over 18 (not sure if postage is included) you risk getting taxed). Bloody annoying, 'cos as well as having to pay an extra 10 or so, it slows down delivery by about a week, you don't always get caught though, (I've had big boxsets at about 40, get past the tax-man, yet had ones that don't look much bigger than a normal DVD, get caught) all a matter of luck I think.

With the US currency being as weak compared to the pound as it is at the moment, importing R1 DVDs is really quite cheap.

Hacking a player is easy, providing that the player has a hack, it'll be easilly found with a Yahoo search.

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I did look at playusa but they're currently out of stock so I'm gonna give dvdimport a go. I have also gotten some rather expensive packages (of cds mainly) past the taxman and also had them caught so it is just luck.
And a highly favorable review of the "Wonderfalls" DVD, whose significance is:
1) It's MY home paper (and it just got sold today so we won't have a locally owned newspaper any more: bummer)
2) Gail Pennington, the TV critic, has hardly ever even mentioned a Joss series
3) And yet she even mentions "Firefly" here. (Even she!)
The URL for the actual article is a mile long, but click on:


and scroll down to Gail Pennington's name and face shown on the right screen column.

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The URL for the actual article is a mile long, but click on:


Unfortunately the link gets you a 'directory browsing not allowed' message.
Ruadh, I got the same thing, but I clicked the main url link (provided on the error page) and I was able to spot the link to the review on the main page, down the right column.
hako's link has been fixed.
hako's link has been fixed.

Thanks. That was well worth reading.

Thankfully I've seen all 13 episodes on Canadian TV, 'cause I've just realised that Amazon has bundled my DVD with the Angel one that I ordered at the same time, so I won't get it for 2 weeks!

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