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February 01 2005

Psychic Friends Networks. Article talks about Buffy's influence in creating a new genre and market of TV with an avalanche of new dramas about young women with special powers.

Go RavenU! Now the whole page is filled up with articles for Febuary the 1st! I can go to sleep happy tonight! :)

(Feel like somebody should make a speech!)
Just wait we are only 13 days from a potential avalanche of Angel related news.
And the influence of our Joss expands further and furtherů

Pretty soon, it's going to be three degrees of Joss Whedon!
Feb 14? The day last year we heard official news of AtS cancellation? What USED to be known as Valentine's Day?

Do tell, RavenU! What do you know?
Angel Season 5 DVDs release on the 15th.
Virtually every single fan campaign site is marking the sad occassion and I suspect some of it will make it into the news in some form.
I think we should mark it too! Raid on the WB office anyone?
Technically speaking news about the cancellation broke on the 13th. Though hungover Brits (myself included) found out on the 14th.
Bu we can still raid the WB offices right?!? There gonna be some ass- whoopin!
There'll be no raiding of the WB offices. We'll do a worldwide huff instead.
Well, if you say so........but it would have been a really good raid too!
Hmm, this article really made me want to check out Medium.
I was away all weekend for a V'day getaway. I went online late Sunday night and read a little link on Yahoo's main page and almost passed out.
Medium rocks. I've said in another thread that I'd prefer Hannigan in the lead role, but whatserface does a satisfactory job. The stories are entertaining and the dialogue is tight. Not in a CSI faster-than-a-tongue-should-travel kinda way but in a very believable conversational kinda way. Nice and tight dialogue. It's wholesome without being too hokey. I like it. Because I like it, it'll probably get cancelled right away. Such is my curse. So I recommend catching Medium this week - as soon as possible, before the network finds out it has something good and throws it away in favor of more 'reality' television.

Oh, and I've seen Valentines Day as an evil day for years. So I think we should change Feb 14th to Angel Day.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2005-02-02 00:00 ]
ZachsMind, could not agree with you more! It can be a WHEDONesque project!
ZM - I was going to plug Medium also (I was over on IMDB looking for a Joss-connection!). I have also been impressed with the fact that Patricia Arquette seems to be doing so well at playing against type. I was worried about "Stigmata" overtones.

Oh, and I didn't find a Joss connection (but I plan to keep looking!).
ZM - Fear not Medium got the word already that NBC has picked it up for a second season, the quickest season pick up they have done in years if ever according to reports - the ratings are kicking butt and they are chomping the daylights out of CSI:Miami.

I agree barring the expected predictablity you have to expect from all network shows. Medium is definitly one of the best things out there now, I love the family dynamic the best. The guy that plays the husband has always been a favorite of mine, and how could you not love those kids. The family dialouge is very tight and I agree with the article when they say the lead is not perfect and it works.
Yaya! It starts tonight in Oz, and I have been looking forward to it.
After reading all your views on it, I just know I'm gonna love it!
Another Medium fan here. I've always kinda liked Patricia Arquette, even though I think most of her film roles haven't really been very memorable. I think she's finally found a role in Allison DuBois that she can make a real mark with. It's great how she's not a toothpick-size model, either. She's attractive yet ample, she's got that crooked front tooth which delights me no end, and she's so nonchalantly real in her delivery that I find myself amazed she somehow made it through the casting process to nab this character. It's just so much better than I hoped it would be, it took me by surprise.

Feb. 13th, 2004 was, and probably always will be, 'Black Friday'. I cried so hard when I went online that night and read the news here, I woke my husband up from a dead sleep. It was the wee hours of the morning before I could finally get control of myself -- shocking, since I would never have believed a TV show could have had the power to induce such an incredible reaction in me -- and the next day we spent in the woods with friends, all of whom were baffled by my melancholy but unfailingly, solicitously kind. It was an awful, awful day, and to this day, I carry a bitter loathing against the WB for their ignominous treatment of Angel.

AtS fans should definitely have an anti-wake on the 14th, or something. Fond remembrances, communal hugs, virtual cake (at the very least).... Now I remember I made an actual chocolate-raspberry cake for the finale in May. It went down pretty well with the pain, as I recall. The bitter with the sweet.
Hey nixgirl, what time and channel is Medium going to be on? I couldn't find it in the TV Guide!

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