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February 01 2005

"Wonderfalls" Is One Of Harry's DVD Picks For February. He feels it may have been for the best that it was a limited series, and that too much more could have made it gimmicky. Meanwhile at, there's a review which applauds Fox's post-cancellation treatment of the series. has its review up as well.

Nice when people that didn't watch it when it was still on realise they were missing something special.

I went out at lunch and got my Wonderfalls DVDs. I can not wait until I can go home and watch. It seems like I have been waiting forever.
I've merged yours and adam_tvs' Wonderfalls DVD review threads together and included a review at as well. It saves room on the main page.
We're bobbin' along in a baaaaaaaaaaarrel...
I forced some friends to watch the pilot episode last night and they kept wanting to watch more. We got through the first disc. Remarks were, "I thought this was a show about a high-school girl! They didn't market this very well!" and "I can't believe this was cancelled, they didn't market it very well!"

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