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February 02 2005

Wonderfalls That Never Was. Bryan Fuller reveals what would have happened in the second season and which season one episode set up plot arcs for season three.

Just a side note -I checked out Amazon top DVD sales for the day, 19. The Grudge, 4. Wonderfalls, and at 2. Angel Season 5 pre-orders. Just thought that was something of interest.

OT : Does anyone else think the release date of AtS S5 was not a coincidence?
Yipe! Hate to let articles go by for something that you haven't seen yet, especially when they're TV show creators talking about stuff that could've been. I copy/pasted the article into a Word file for reading after I'm done with the DVD set. Oh, and big props to Bryan Fuller for being the planning-ahead type. I love that they were only halfway through completion of shooting for Season 1 and he was already thinking about Season 3.

Those sales ranks for the day are super-encouraging.
You're right RavenU, it wasn't. But not a coincidence with the cancelation date. If you look at all the release dates, all the Angel ones(and the buffy ones for a while) came out at a certain month. Angel season 1 was released in February 2003. Angel season 2 in September 2003. Angel Season 3 in February 2004. Angel season 4 in September 2004...and now.
That arc about the lesbian sister is really really stretching it a bit for me. I'm glad I didn't get to see THAT happen on the show. I do however wish the show would've gotten the chance to continue.
On the DVD featurette, Fuller also mentions how at the beginning of season 3, they were going to have Jaye locked up in a mental institution because her therapist would've concluded that she in fact was insane (and he would've made millions on his book about her). While there, she would've met the little pyro boy from "Lovesick Ass" and they would've helped each other escape.
Maybe it's good that Fox cancelled the show. That lesbian story is really weak and I'm so happy I didn't have to see it.
I dunno, the series had a really weird sense of humor about absurd stuff like that. I think it would've all depended on how the writers handled it. Honestly, the premise for the entire show sounds just as lame, but they made it work.
The lesbian-sister getting pregnant was mentioned last Summer in Entertainment Weekly, I wondered how it would work and now I think I'd have preferred if it was that she just became pregnant, like the animals talk to Jaye because that's just what they do.

Honestly, were they really going to go through all that description of how it happened on a prime-time TV show?
They probably weren't going to explain it, I reckon that was probably just Bryan explaining it to us. Wouldn't seem like much of an immaculate conception if they explained how it happened.
Um, seems a wee bit contrived. Couldn't Sharon just fall out of a tree? That's what happened to my cousin, I'm told.

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