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February 02 2005

Alyson Hannigan reveals what Alexis Denisof is upto these days. She says that she's trying to convince him "to go for comedy because he's very funny, but he's more secure with the one-hour drama. I'm like, "Come on, honey - just try the comedy."

Personally, I could watch Alexis on the telly till the cows come home. Anyone ever see the cut scene from Waiting in the Wings on the Angel season 3 DVD? Pure comedy.

Alyson Hannigan is the cutest person ever. And Alexis comes a close second, especially in that cute (sorry, I love the word 'cute') dance scene! Anyone who's not afraid to make fun of themselves in the name of comedy is a hero in my book.

And as for comedy/drama for Alexis, I'd love to see him in something that allows both, because as funny as he could be, he looked hot as the Marlboro Man! (And the great acting abilities of course, but sexy much!)
The way it reads she's saying that all these casting people have no idea who he is or what he can do. Don't they watch TV? He's done one of the best character arcs ever on TV over five years! What casting person is going to say "Who the hell are you?"
Oh all I have to do is hear his name and it puts a smile on my face. I would prefer him in the one-hour drama though, but I think that's more a genre preference. Plus the one-hour drama leaves room for angst and laughs, which I prefer.

Alyson referenced him being in a pilot series, perhaps I'm behind on my gossip, but what show is it?
Alyson and Alexis are great. I love that the two actors who played two of my favorite characters in the Buffyverse are soo happily in love.

I'm like spitefairy, I'd prefer Alexis in an hour loung drama, but it'd be nice to see him in a comedy also, just to see those great acting chops at work.
Alexis is one of the most versatile actors around. If I watch a season 3 Buffy episode and a Season 4 or 5 Angel episode back to back to back, I am blown away by his range.

He is equally amazing in comedy or drama. I would watch him in anything. I just hope whatever project he ends up with is worthy of him.
If you read down further, Ausiello states that the chances of Veronica Mars returning next year are 50/50 if Aly joins the show full time, 20/80 if she does not. I agree, though I would alter the odds a bit more if Aly joins- it goes up further. Love that show!
Anything that gets a great actor like Alexis on the screen is good for me, especially with such tremendous talent like his. He's capable of great things.
I just want to see ALexis using more of that telegraphic gaze. More drama, more angst, with a hint of comedy for measure. Just give him a good story arc.

Maybe the chances of Veronica Mars being picked up for a second season would be 100% if they hire Alexis and Alyson.

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I'd watch anything with Alexis in, although his comedic sense of timing and taking a fall are second to none. I happened to have watched Guise will be Guise last night and he was superb. I guess Jane Espenson helped a bit ;)
I would kill to see him in an intelligent comedy...not just an overt comedy but the more sublime ones, no laugh tracks!
"The way it reads she's saying that all these casting people have no idea who he is or what he can do." zz9 - I was taken aback by that too. It really shows what a precarious business this is. Even SMG had to work really hard to get that role in 'The Grudge'. For some reason, the writers/directors of the 'verse seem to be having an easier time than the actors. Perhaps because it's other writers/directors who hire writers/directors whereas it's casting agents who hire actors (unless they're Tom Cruise status)??

I'm with AD; I'd rather watch an hour long dramedy, but as others have said, I'd watch AD reading the Yellow Pages.

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I'd love to see AD in a comedy show. I do love him in dramatic things, but I think his comedic talents have been underused over the past few years. Of course I'm of the camp that would watch AD in just about anything, but I really want him in another quality series.

Keep pushing him, Aly, to do comedy!
I just want to see him back on TV—but I'd miss him as Wesley (so I'm thankful for DVDs and reruns!). That scene from "Waiting in the Wings" had me in hysterics; there's no way it would have fit in the episode as it turned out, but he was great. And if we look at the Buffy episodes and his first episode on Angel (oh, and when they all think they're teenagers!), he was great with the physical humor. Hee.
Oh, and what about Amy Acker's test screening where they were talking Elizabethan crazy talk? Alexis was hilarious in that, as was Amy and J. August. Yes, comedy! Something intelligent though like Arrested Development or Scrubs. I do want to see more dramatic Denisof, but just like most of you, I'll watch him in anything.
OOO! electricspacegirl! Your comment made me think that Alexis would be THE guy to guest star on Arrested D. It is my new appointment show.
zz9 and wwbd, JMO, but she actually says something to the effect that he has not been out looking for work in this way before so the casting people do not know him. Although it is a precarious and crazy business where people are often only judged by the last 3 minutes of whatever they just did, it sounds like she was saying that most of the casting people have never met AD. They may know OF him, but they do not know him. Or maybe I'm misinterpreting. English is a funny language.
Lovella, and they have the same initials! :D
You have to love a woman who describes her husband's first experience of pilot season as "really cute." I read once that Joss said the most underrated actor on television was Alexis Denisof, and I have to agree.
I just want to see ALexis using more of that telegraphic gaze
As in "He's got his Pierce Brosnaney eyes all over my Cordy!"?

And I take your point cj, though I have always assumed that when casting a show the producers, showrunners, the network and the like make the big decisions, cast the leads and so on, while the casting people do the smaller roles and guest spots.

I would have hoped AD would be in a position, and have a rep, that would make showrunners say "I want Denisof!".

As others have said, watch his first Buffy episodes and then watch Angel S3 and 4 and try to tell me that mans not a great actor!
I read once that Joss said the most underrated actor on television was Alexis Denisof, and I have to agree.

I second that, Looking.
He! Reading all these comments: "I want him in a comedy. " "I want him in a drama" "I want him in a dramedy" Really, we just want him in a "Whedon" and everyone would be happy.
I just want him. ;)
Really, we just want him in a "Whedon" and everyone would be happy.

Agree :D
But if i must to choose... i prefer a drama.
I just want him.

Damn it, Willowy, I was gonna say that. You beat me to it!

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;) @ esg. Great minds, et al...
I just want him to post here. That would blow my head.
What Willowy said and what esg meant to say. (Luckily my husband doesn't read this board and relies on me to tell him what's been said).
Just based on JW and AD's personal friendship, I'm hopeful we'll see AD in something Whedon sometime.
Why limit the man? He should do guest shots on both comedies and dramas this year, then aim for a pilot next year. I can see him as:

-- a sweet, bumbling Hugh Grant-ish suitor for Grace on Will and Grace;
-- a conceited surgeon who attracts Eliot on Scrubs;
-- Jack Bauer's British intelligence liaison on 24; OR
-- a CIA liaison on MI-5/Spooks
-- Vaughn's long-lost stubbly cousin on Alias or
-- any one of a million flashback roles on LOST

Come on, casting directors! This guy can do anything and we should be seeing him everywhere! (Stupid Hollywood.)
cj, I read it the same way - lots of folks he just hasn't met yet, 'cause he never had to go through this process before. And Spitefairy, I don't think she was talking about him being cast in a specific series, just that this was Alexis's first experience of pilot season – as in, shopping himself around for the various pilots that are being produced.

I second Willowy's and ESG's sentiments. Alexis is, and always has been, one of my favorite Angel actors (loved him on BtVS too, but i always felt like it was Angel where he really came into his own...). The extra ballet daydream sequence is priceless, but how can you not love Alexis in everything he does – from darkside Wesley ('I'll take away your bucket...") to the truly bumbling watcher/rogue demon hunter moments.
He's one of the Buffyverse actors I most want to see in something else. I'm always a one-hour drama/comedy fan, but i'll take him in anything...
To all the casting directors who have never met him, here’s a head start: he can’t play short or unattractive (well, with a lot of make up, maybe. A LOT of makeup). Other than that, he’s your man.
a CIA liaison on MI-5/Spooks

I would die if that happens. I could see Ruth falling in love with him.
If anyone meets Alyson or Alexis (at a convention or otherwise) mention that you post at Whedonesque and we'd love to have them come by and say hi. At least, that's the fantasy I was having on the way to the store just now. Oh, to meet the most fabulous and cutest couple! A girl can dream...
And that short makeup is really uncomfortable, too!
And that short makeup is really uncomfortable, too!

A lot of young people are experimenting with shortness. Gotta nip that in the bud.
I keep visualizing Alexis popping up on CSI:NY, just because I'd like to see what kind of chemistry he and Gary Sinise would have together. And I bet there'd be good energy on a certain potential upcoming ABC drama series, come to think of it. With DB as the hired cop/assassin and AD a conflicted detective/cohort/friend/enemy? who plays the moral center (or against it!), imagine the possibilities....

Not saying I wouldn't mind AD headlining his own thing. He's certainly got talent, the skills and the, y'know, hotness, I just don't think he's got the mainstream credentials yet to carry a show by himself. Which is maybe why he should listen to his lovely wife and consider doing comedy, if he can find something that's actually funny and well-written -- more ensemble-y, where he can play off others while building his visibility. Drama would be my first choice, too, but hey. Experimentation (with things besides shortness :) could lead to amazing things, and open up some fresh avenues for him.

Man, I'd love it if he turned up on Lost....

What do you wanna bet that all our Whedon-people are missing Joss this pilot season?
electricspacegirl's got it. I can't see Alexis in a traditional sitcom environment, but he would be ideal for something like Arrested Development.

But really, I'm waiting for another dramatic role. Gimme some of that Dark Wes magic over comedy any day.

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