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February 02 2005

4th November UK release date for Serenity? It seems interesting news what with the preview in London next week.

Scroll down to find this info in the London pre-view thread.

hey, that's my birthday! that's so cool if it's true
For a first effort, it was good. I found a relevant thread that was discussing the news so I changed your URL and tidied up your subject line a little bit.

So congrats on your first link! I know how nerve wracking it can be.

Though it kinda sucks I have to wait 5 weeks to see it after the Americans do. However, it'll be worth it.
Hmm, is that too long to wait? Will I have to fly to the US instead? Tough questions that I can't answer just yet but I imagine I'll be wishing I was rich enough for it not to be an issue when Semptember finally swings around.
prospero, we share a birthday!
palehorse - shiny, maybe I'll see you at the first uk showing of serenity
Thanks, Simon. I was so nervous that I had to be elsewhere for a while... I am so looking forward to this movie!
Wish it was coming out for my birthday.

In June.
Wish it weas coming out for mine - in May! Wish I could go to the test screening next week!
Wish it was coming out for mine! Next Friday! But as Simon said, even though it is five weeks extra we have to wait, it will be worth it. However those five weeks will be the most testing of my life...all i have to do it search in Google for plot spoilers! I wont be able to help myself!

And now I have to go tell my non Whedonesque reading Firefly friends. Wish me monsters!

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