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December 26 2002

How Fox's bad decisions killed off Firefly. Now that the dust has settled, commentators are pointing the finger of blame straight at Fox.

Woohoo, that'll learn 'em!
See that's why I never really got into's all Fox's fault! Stupid lifesucking network!
The bastards at Fox canceled another fav of mine, the comedy Titus. They don't know good things when they have them.
The fact it was Fox's fault was pretty darn obvious long before the dust settled. Somebody somewhere WANTED Firefly to fail. I can't believe any network suit could honestly screw up this bad accidently. Ties should be banned. They cause lack of blood circulation to the brain.
Whedon's a maverick. Suits don't like mavericks. They like puppets that churn out format series week after week. Mavericks cause problems that suits have to solve and basically, suits don't like having to work or think too much.

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