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February 03 2005

IGN Reviews Wonderfalls. Calls it a "Quirky, whimsical series that never got a chance to get its balance right."

The reviewer seems to think that the show declined over time and that it gets over-praised as people have only seen the first few episodes.

I disagree with that article. I thought the best episodes were the ones that never aired. Particularly the last five or six. I watched those in a row, without a break, completely riveted.
I like the Daria comparison, that's who Jaye reminded me of as well.
Yeah, I preferred the later episodes, too. Maybe the love story bit was a little "traditional" (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I liked the arc of Jaye's relationship with the animals all the way through, and I thought the ways she tried to deal with them and their little tasks in the later episodes just got funnier and funnier.

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