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February 03 2005

Danny Strong's Gilmore Girls character #5 on "Top 10 favorite current TV characters" list. Strong is one of those actors who is so distinct he can't help but bring a bit of himself to every role he plays.

Lindsay (Shannon Lucio), "The O.C." -- If she could become a regular, maybe we could finally get rid of Marissa.

Hear, hear!
"Joe Dubois (Jake Weber), "Medium" -- Patricia Arquette is the star, but Weber quietly steals scenes as her husband in this understated murder-mystery anthology."

I could not agree more and he does it so well that he takes nothing from his co-stars. He is a great asset to that show.

Oh and I agree with them on the whole Danny/Doyle thing as well. Strange but I just can not help but feel a little sad though every time I hear the name Doyle used.
Lindsay (Shannon Lucio), "The O.C." -- If she could become a regular, maybe we could finally get rid of Marissa.
Yes... and no. I'm one of the few that still really likes Marissa and I think that she scores points all the time. But yeah, Lindsey definately bring something important to the party, she needs to be a regular. And while you're at it, kick Julie and possibly even Caleb from the show. They are too one dimensional. And bring back Jimmy, I was shocked when he left the show. I still don't know why that happend.
Let's play the Six Degree game: Kay Panabaker (Nikki in Summerland) was the scary little girl in the White Room of course - and she's still pretty scary in Summerland. She never had the looks for cutesie roles, even when she was in single-digits, so hopefully she'll have some longevity as an actor.

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Not a Six Degree comment (because I don't know).

I loved what he said about Tony Shaloub; I started watching Monk reruns last summer and adore them. He's really talented. And I didn't watch Roswell, so I didn't know about Emilie de Ravin's "past."

And I don't watch Gilmore Girls, either, but that's cool that Jonathan (he'll always be Jonathan to me) is like he was in Superstar. Weird about being named Doyle; do parents actually name their kids that?
Let me get this straight: Danny Strong's role in GG is a character named "Doyle" and last night, Adam Busch showed up on Point Pleasant as an evil minion named "Wes." What's next--Tom Lenk pops up on The Insider as a character named "Lindsey"?

I'm with Mr. Hansen all the way here. All 10 choices add breadth and style to their respective shows. Shalhoub already has his awards, but Marjorino, Cera, Ritter, and Ravin could be huge down the line...
RE: Danny/Doyle

I firmly stand by my assumption that using Danny and calling him Doyle was an intentional homage to Joss (ASP = huge Joss fan). I also think there was some love for Glenn Quinn in there as well…

ETA: With all this Monk talk, I wanted to point out that Harry Groener (Buffy), Patrick Fischler (Angel - Magic Bullet), and Mark Sheppard (Firefly - Badger) all appeared on last week's Monk. They show it a few times the next week, and they might show it again tonight before the new episode.

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It's still funny to think that Charles Gunn on Angel is named after Sean Gunn who plays the quirky Kirk on Gilmore Girls.
Sean Gunn was in 1 or 2 As1 eps.
Sean Gunn played two different characters. He was a demon in "Hero" and the spa manager guy in "She".
Man, I'm so glad they are keeping Danny around on GG. I watched the first 5 episodes of this season but I missed a bunch and gave up on keeping up with it. I'm trying to get caught up on previous seasons because GG is such a great show. If you don't believe me, rent the first season and watch it as quickly as you can. I spent a weekend with those DVDs and let me tell you, the girls grow on you and you really begin to fall in love with them and the whole town of quirky personalities.

Which reminds me, I need to bump the 2nd season up in my netflix queue.

Is Danny Strong a regular yet? He needs to be. And I agree, pairing Doyle with Paris was a perfect match.
"Weird about being named Doyle; do parents actually name their kids that?" People I know (in the NE) name their kids Keller, Cassidy and all sorts of surname-y Irish-y names.

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Danny's a semi-regular, usually only on the show when the GG crew focus on the Yale student newspaper offices. But now that Doyle is dating Liza Weill's Paris Gellar (yes, Gellar), he might show up more often in all sorts of inappropriate places.
As much as I LOVE Danny and Doyle for that matter. I do not think they would make him a regular(in the credits regular) because it is about the Gilmore girls. I think it would be too much and alittle bit useless, unless he was dating Rory.
I don't know. Paris isn't dating Rory, and she's in the credits. Neither is Lane, for that matter. ;)
Ooppss I should have figured someone would say that. Lane has been her best friend for years and Paris has been well Paris. I just think since he is playing a secondary characters boyfriend, he will never be made a regular. In my opinion. I am a big Danny fan, it is almost embarassing. I would just find it strange thats all.
Sorry, SillyD, couldn't resist. I'm big with the Danny love, too. But more focus on the college side of the show could only be a good thing, IMO. Positive role-models and all.

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