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February 04 2005

Vulkon's ebaying a front row seat to the Houston Slayercon in April. No fooling, the convention is April 1-3, 2005. The Platinum A ticket includes all the bells and whistles, such as photo ops, concerts, and autographs with James, Amber, and Andy, plus more. Not to mention a chance to view "Chance" hosted by Amber Benson.

Also there is another Platinum A ticket onsale at ebay, the person's friend who was suppose to go with her is no longer able to go it's seat D2 and the auction can be found at this ebay listing page.

For more detailed info on the con itself visit Vulkon's Houston Slayercon convention page.

On the Houston Slayercon page it says that tickets are sold non-transferable, maybe specifically to avoid this kind of thing ?

Sorry my bad is this the organizers selling ?

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Yes the first ticket is from the organizers. The second ticket is from an attendee and the promoters usually allow them to be transfered to another party as long as it's more than 2 weeks prior to the event, but you have to clear it with them first and that is what she did.
I hate having to miss this. I live in Houston but can't afford the tickets. Maybe there'll be something in the local news…
Brownishcoat: sometimes they do a 'limited' ticket,
where you can attend the Q&As but can't get autographs...
if these are available then they should be a lot cheaper and definitely worth while,
because the Q&As are a hoot (better than autographs any day).
Thanks, embers. I'll check into that. I'd like to meet more fans just as much as experience the convention. Make some alliances for when the film is released. What could be cooler than sitting next to someone who loves Mal and gang just as much as me?
Brownish- go anyway.
pawn something, sell some plasma.
max a credit card.
sell your soul....

I'm the devil....
nice to meet you.

[ edited by terrilove on 2005-02-04 22:29 ]
looks like the most limited ticket is-
"Silver...seating in rows 15-20 and 1 in-person autograph from both James Marsters and Andy Hallett, plus a pre-signed photo of Amber Benson." listed on the ticket page for $175.

(...and I do have the Firefly dvds. can't wait for the movie!)

If you're not planning on collecting autographs-with COAs you can probably sell a James auto for $45, Amber's for $20, Andy's for $20. Is it affordable yet?
There seem to be plenty of tickets still available for this event, so unless you're desperate to be in the front row, no need to break the bank.

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