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February 04 2005

Ron Moore blogs Battlestar Galactica. The creator of the hottest sci-fi series of the moment shares his thoughts on the show and answers questions from fans on his weblog.

What does that have to do with anything whedonesque, you ask? And I answer: Um, yeah, tenuous link for sure, but hear me out...

Wouldn't it be great if Joss blogged like that? Not an intern, not a lighting tech. No, Joss himself, on the site of his latest show or film, or on his own site. We'd even be willing to host him here, although it might gobble up more bandwidth than we'd ever be able to provide.

Just a thought.

Prize quote from Ron Moore's posts:
Q: "Does James Callis' uncanny resemblance to Alexander Siddig in almost every way ever freak you out?"
A: "Not until someone on these boards mentioned it, now I'm totally freaked."

Whedonesque readers can discuss Battlestar Galactica at The Library.


Ye-ah, that's a tenuous link.

[edit: I wasn't trying to be 'superfluous.' I was trying to politely say 'this doens't really belong here.']

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And that's a superfluous comment.
I understand there were plans for that to actually happen via an official Mutant Enemy website but with Angel getting cancelled and the subsequent fallout after that, it obviously didn't happen.

The official Serenity movie blog sounded like a great idea in concept but in reality it's been rather disappointing. Nathan and Joss' posts have been the only ones that stuck out in my mind as being of any interest.

Certaintly, there would be huge interest in what Mr Whedon has to say. I for one would love to see what he thinks of Battlestar Galactica and Lost.
Nice try Caroline!

Going to take a controversial stance, just for the pure hell of it (throw rocks or pillows if you must):

Speculating is fun.
If Joss explains it all, there is no room to let your imagination run wild and second guess. Where is the fun in that?

More fiction please.
With his new bionic arm, he could probably manage to write his little heart out on new projects, and write a blog, and answer questions and look after a young family, but in the real verse, this would take time away from what we really want: more stories.

Familiarity breeds contempt.
Better to have the occasional Joss treat which we all treasure like the lost Holy Grail, than to know everything he has to say.

I once watched a documentary about the Queen. Living in Britain, you normally see her on the news all the time, opening something or other, but you never hear what she says on these occasions. Well, in the documentary you did. It was rather disappointing, just boring old small talk. And in one second she turned from being a mysterious grand figure into a nice old lady.

Not that I am suggesting Joss is an old queen. And not that it would matter anyway. Apart from the fact that he would be significantly better dressed :)

But that would never happen…
Of course Joss would never make small talk. Or be boring. Or write anything that wouldn’t be exhilarating. Or funny. Or open your mind to exiting new possibilities. And there would be no pressure. None at all.
My mind is playing tricks on me. When I first read the title of this thread I thought it said "Roger Moore blogs Battlestar Galactica" and I couldn't fathom why a former Bond would be blogging, let alone about a Sci Fi show. Time for my morning caffiene.
I'm totally enjoying Battlestar Galactica and I'm glad that it was brought up on this site because I may never have given it a chance. I wasn't a fan of the original series when I was a kid. Thanks Caroline for the links (and thanks Simon for the strong endorsement of the show that got me interested in the first place).
There is a minor Joss connection to Battlestar Galactica. There is a shot of Serenity in the pilot (mini-series?).
Yeah ZOIC does the sfx for BSG. Great stuff. I really enjoyed the mini and the series when I finally watched 'em. Ron Moore has always put out good stuff -- really dug his work on DS9.

PMMJ said:
[edit: I wasn't trying to be 'superfluous.' I was trying to politely say 'this doens't really belong here.']

Heheh, regardless the fact that Caroline SAID the post didn't necessarily belong here made your comment superfluous.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-02-04 19:15 ]
Back when Ron Moore worked as a writer/producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, he answered questions from fans on AOL (most of which was then mirrored on the Internets). So I'm not surprised he's answering questions now.

[ edited by Oddjob on 2005-02-04 22:14 ]
Here's a Battlestar Galactica review from Matt Roush:

TV's Cult Night

The article also talks about how Fox and UPN tried to make Friday's their Sci-fi nights trying to recapture the success of The X-files. Which, I suppose, could explain why Firefly was put on that night but wasn't The X-files moved not too long after that to another night and that's where it found success?
Yes. X-Files was moved before ratings took off. Unless I am incorect, I remember lost of new shows trying to change time slots before networks pulled the plug. Now it seems like they would rather just pull the plug.
Which concept came first, Joss Whedon's Firefly or Ron Moore's Galactica?

1) the gritty you-are-there documentary-style cinematography

2) the realistic physics of the space scenes

3) the emphasis on recognizable human foibles and relationships

4) the outstanding CG work of Zoic

5) the presence of a cute girl mechanic named Kayleigh or Callie

For the record, I dearly love both franchises and feel blessed to have the Serenity movie and a possible second season of Galactica to look forward to.

Still, I have to wonder. Were Joss and Ron in the same general mental space when they came up with this way of re-inventing the space opera? Did they talk? Or was it just coincidence?

These questions take nothing away from my enjoyment of all their stories, but if Joss came up with these ideas first I kinda wish he'd get credit for it.

But enough about me. Ron and Joss are both amazing writers who have provided me with hours of ultra high quality storytelling. And that's all that matters.
Thanks for the links. They were a nice read.

Hmmm...I don't think Kaylee and Cally are too much alike except for being cute, girls and mechanics. Cally bit off a guy's ear in Bastille Day. I can't see Kaylee doing that, and then yelling "Frak you" after she's been shot. I think both characters would have handled the situations in Bastille Day completely differently.

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