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February 04 2005

SMG in The Grudge 2 ? - The producers clarifies their position. "Right now our intention is to use her character in the sequel. It's really her decision if she wants to come back and do it".

Not much detail though on how much her character would be used or not but he really had nice things to say about her personally. I'm guessing because they are already working on the script and they don't even know if she's coming back or not that her role won't be a very big one this time around.
This comment contains a reference to the end of the film so I'm trying the spoiler tags.

It's all spoiler for The Grudge:

Im agree with you, Djungelurban.
I totally agree with Biff and Djungelurban.
Thanks Djungelurban, you said what I meant to say. (Looking back at what I wrote originally, it sounds like I'm contradicting myself).

But then, Djungelurban said that already.
I agree with the invisible comments, although it depends on what they do with it. I suppose it's possible to come up with an interesting angle.

Funny how they went from "she MIGHT return in SOME capacity" to "we'd love to have her if she wants to do it!" in about a week...ah, Hollywood.
In reference to the invisi-comments, it is one or the other. You can't have both things happen and be internally consistent to the story (as Djungelurban said). From an utterly selfish point of view, I would like to see SMG more on screen and if this was the only way (sorry, neither Revolver nor Southland Tales seem like the type of movie I watch), then I would take that and pretend that I didn't have the above thought. Hey, I can be inconsistent too!
the movie was awesome and i would love to see her back.....cant wait.
Well on the commentary for the first Grudge, one of the other cast/crew members says to Sarah, ''So Sarah did you ____" And Sarah responds very oddly....''I can't say." Fill in the blank with the spoiler people :).

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