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December 27 2002

SFX's 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Characters ever has four of Joss Whedon's creations in it.

The UK magazine is currently celebrating its 100th issue.

And the top ten is:

1. Doctor Who
2. Spike
3. Buffy
4. John Crichton
5. Aeryn Sun
6. Han Solo
7. Willow
8. Darth Vader
9. Angel
10. Gandalf

I don't know who Aeryn Sun is. In my personal list I would probably add Corwin of Amber (Zelazny's creation), perhaps Gollum. And, of course, James T. Kirk. *grin*
Aeryn Sun is from Farscape. So that makes 2 Farscape characters, 2 Star Wars characters and 4 BtVS/AtS characters in the top ten.
Other Buffyverse characters' rankings in the SFX Greatest 100 Sci-Fi Characters Ever:

24. Giles
32. Faith
33. Tara
52. Wesley
57. Cordelia
81. Xander
87. Lorne
91. Drusilla

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