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February 04 2005

Lots of New Information about Buffy Animated! From this month's official Buffy Magazine, including a possible actor from the Whedonverse joining the team, and more news on that pilot. Link to Titan Magazines homepage. Click on "More" for all the information.

This month the Buffy Magazine has done a big four page spread on BtAS. Here is all the information, condensed and with quoted

* The possible actor is David Boreanaz. He recently told the production team "I've never been approached by anyone, as far as getting involved, but i love doing voice-over and animation stuff. I'll never say that it wont happen, it just depends on where I am"

* The animated short comes to four minutes long, and is a condensed version of the script. It was rewritten by Joss and Jeph. It apparantly contains a fight scene. Eric Wight says that "from what I understand it turned out great!". It was done in 2D animation, with a little 3-D. He says "it was pretty dynamic stuff for the cartoon and the Buffy franchise"

* As well as Eric Wight, two other artists worked on the piece: Ted Blackman ("background artist") and John Calmette ("colourist"). They spent three months on it

* The director of the four minute animation short was Eric Radomski (of Batman: The Animated Series)

* Eric Wight on his future role in BtAS: "I will probably still do some Villain of the Week designs and some promotional artwork but we'll see"

* Jeph Loeb confirms that Mutant Enemy shutting down will have no effect on Buffy: Animated's future

* Although Jane Espenson didn't know the number of scripts for definite, she was right when she said eight, and these will be the first used

* And when will the series happen? The magazines answer - Soon!

Although I've written all of this information out, all credit needs to go to the Buffy Magazine, all the cast and crew that have contributed and Tara Dilullo, who actually put all of the information together. To get all the full informtion, the Buffy magazine is only 3.25 and also has an interview with Marc Blucas, Kelly Donavon and this really really kick-ass pull out poster!

It shall live on!

Apocalypse! Thanks for this! This is great news, really perked up my day!
The link is '' for me...
Soory Grounded, should have put "link back to Whedonesque homepage". And Willowy, as soon as I got the magazine and sat down and read it, a big smile lit up on my face!
Grounded, just realized what you meant by your post. There is no link because all the information came from the official magazine, and as far as I know, I'm the first one to put it onto the Internet, therefore, no site to link to.
Apocalypse, you *know* there has to be a link. At least find something that relates to the subject. "Being the first" really is no good reason. Find a link, or the post will be deleted.
Well, im not happy with the idea of the animated series, but sounds excellent.
Put the Titan Magazines HomePage on as they are the company that produces the Buffy Magazine
Well, i for one am thrilled with the idea of the animated series. Many of my favourite shows have been animated (The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, Family Guy, etc) so i have no problem with seeing tales of Buffy and the Scoobies in that format.

Hopefully this will be something to keep the slayerverse alive on television for a year or two until a new live action series can go into production.

thanks for the info. made my day!
I can't help but think this is going to be dumbed down for kiddies, so the "razzamatazz" that BtVS had will be gone.

But I await it anxiously still.
I'm not too worried about B:TAS dumbing down the material. Joss has solicited scripts from the regular writing staff (Espenson wrote three), so it'll still have that same Buffy zing.

Just because it's animation, doesn't mean it's just for kiddies. I think the best, most mature incarnation of Batman on the screen was the 1990s Batman animated series. If BTAS is on that level of quality, I think you'll be blown away.

[ edited by cjl on 2005-02-04 21:20 ]
The Batman animated series is a great example of how a cartoon can be produced to suit a wide age range. X-Men: Evolution also works on different levels.

I think if they can find the same balance of humour and adventure with BTAS then we have nothing to worry about. And who better to find that balance than Mutant Enemy writers?
I have a feeling if we were going to hear about the cartoon airing, we would have heard about it by now. Potential buyers were supposed to be looking at it last July.

I think it's died a second death.

Prove me wrong tv networks, prove me wrong.
Simon, this is new information and nothing in it indicates that the project is dead. He talks about ME shuting down and having no effect on the project, well ME didn't shut down until after July (if I'm remembering correctly). Eric Wright said that he will probably still do the villian of the week and other production design and it sounded promising that the other eight scripts would be produced. Maybe a network has picked it up and they didn't want to make an announcement until it was closer to production. Think positivly.
BurkleFreak, my kids love the "Espen-sodes" just as much as I do, so I don't think the dumbing-down is such a huge concern. I know other writers are involved, but Janie is at the top of the list (IMO), right up there next to Joss.
The other M.E. writers who wrote Buffy animated scripts were Drew Z. Greenberg and Steve Deknight(thats what he was hired for before he became a Buffy staff writer) so I don't think it will be dumbed down.
Espisodes are my favorite! I'm so excited about this. I have every faith in Joss and the former ME writers. I'm sure they will put out something that will amaze us.

Trust In Joss...that's my motto.
Jinxieman, totally agree with you about your points, also with Jeph Loeb a couple of months saying that something big was due.... i doubt that it was this report on Buffy:Animated in the magazine. Im seriously hoping that a network has picked it up, and ordered the eight episodes of the series that were written, possibly more

And I also just have to think, even if the sereis has died its second death, we still have a good quality "pretty dynamic" four minute short, with voices from three of the cast and written by Joss and Jeph , which even short, will be a unique addition to the Buffyverse, unlike anything on either show before.

Be positive and maybe, just maybe, if you close your eyes and wish hard enough, Buffy Animated will come true!
The project has not died a second death. I talk to Jeph monthly and all that information is the latest and greatest as of mid-Dec. and nothing has changed since that time. The whole article explains the delay :)
Bartender, can I have some of what Apocalypse is drinking, cause he seems to be in a much much better place than me.

Agree with Simon it would be great to be proven wrong on this.
Thanks for that TaraDi, the events of the last couple of years in the Buffyverse makes me feel very pessimistic sometimes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Buffy: Animated or Buffy the Animated Series or Buffy Animated!. Ummm what actually is its title?
Buffy Animated, right now Simon. I hear your pain and I've been there too - the article actually made me feel a lot better about it all happening.
Thanks for clearing things up TaraDi (and speaking reguarly to Jeph Loeb! How lucky are you!). Just a little note to mention that i really like the new look of the magazine, and i dont know if you have any contact with the designer of those two large posters of the Buffy/Angel cast, but they shall be very well looked after and much appreciated by me!

Also, may seem that im sucking up a little, but great interview with Marc Blucas. I've come to work out that your job doesn't suck, what with talking to the executive producer of the new Buffyverse show and meeting with Buffy/Angel cast and crew!
i'm hoping that the cartoon network will be smart and pick this up for adult swim. the later time slot would guarantee that the scripts would not need to be "dumbed down," in fact the writers could probably get away with more than they could on the WB or UPN. (though i can't believe some of the things buffy got away with in an 8 o'clock timeslot!)
If David Boreanaz is willing to do an animated TV show maybe that means that he could be persuaded to do a live action TV show also. Just on the basis that he would get more recognition from a live action TV show than an animated one. Angel TV movies anyone?
is it really about recognition though? I think it has more to do with time. On a tv show, the actors could only do extra projects during the summer time. But with voice over work, he can record it in his pajamas and still get paid good.
/emote checks for smoke being blown up his butt.

By the way, Best Brains being shut down had no effect on Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Animated Series as you can plainly see.
Crossing my digits that B:A happens. There are ants at every picnic, but the signs do seem to be pointing towards positive momentum on this project. DB's willingness to do voiceover work is also very heartening; whatever has been said about his willingness to do Angel movies for TV, this makes it evident he's not trying to cut ties with his character.

I'd rather have Buffy and pals in the flesh, but I'll gladly settle for ink and paint (or pixels) if it gets me new Slayerverse tales with scripts penned by writers who have a history of blowing my mind.
Right there with ya wiseblood.
That's pretty cool that Boreanaz is also interested in being involved. Not holding my breath for them, but if those Angel TV movies ever have a chance in hell of getting going, this says to me that there's that much more of a chance that he'd be willing to take part in them. Especially if he sees that the third Crow sequel might very well be as good as it gets for a movie career...

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