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February 05 2005

Finding Serenity table of contents. The table of contents for BenBella Books's upcoming essay collection Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds, and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly has been posted to my LiveJournal.

Co-edited and with an introduction by TV writer Jane Espenson ("Shindig"), and featuring essays by actor Jewel Staite (Kaylee), artist Larry Dixon, sex therapist Joy Davidson, authors Mercedes Lackey, Tanya Huff, Nancy Holder, and Keith R.A. DeCandido, and lots more, this essay collection will be released in April 2005.

Strictly speaking, this is a self-link. OTOH, keith is a celeb member, and it would be pretty pointless to delete the link and then have someone else relink to his LJ. Don't know what the PTBs think, but seems like this should stay. . . might even be a scoop.

Personally, I'm thrilled that there'll be 21 (*twenty-one*) essays on Firefly. And some very interesting topics indeed . . .
also notable that it has an essay by one of us fans. Ying from the OB is (I think) Kevin Sullivan.

Also, in an entirely selfish plug, I'd just like to say that the Browncoat fan table at WonderCon (Feb.18-20, San Francisco) will be holding a prize drawing to benefit the tsunami victims... and one of our **many** prizes is a copy of Finding Serenity signed by Jane Espensen.

(although, of course, the book won't actually exist until April when it's published, but the publisher will ship the book directly to the winner.)

WonderCon info:
These essays sound great! I can't wait to get this.
Yes, I admit it's pointless to delete it now. But this site was not meant to promote ones own work. And we would be especially weary of links to material of a commercial nature.

"VIP" members are members like everybody else. Self linking is not allowed as is clearly stated in our guidelines, which everyone should read whoever they are. Unless they are Joss Whedon, since it would be bloody hard for him to do anything else but self link.

If one is a guest in someone's house, ones tries to respect their customs. Here, everybody's a guest on the website we created and we ask people to at least be aware of our customs.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, please contact a moderator. If you have created material that you think should be linked here, please contact a moderator.
I'll definitly be picking this up. I'm glad it wasn't delayed just because of the movie being moved.
The Jewel Staite is very exciting
Well, isn't the "no self linking" rule there to prohibit potential spaming of people who wanna advertize there site or what not? Cause I'm all for that (the "having that rule" part, not the spamming part). But if you're sitting on something really juicy, something that you know Jossfans in general would like to know, I don't see why you'd have to wait a potentially really long while for that for someone else to recognize it. These things should, in my humble opinion, be judged in a case by case scenario. In this case it's, atleast to me, something of definate interest and the fact that the owner himself posted it here doesn't bother me.
BTW, Amazon is already taking preorders for the book.
Djungelurban, I think Caroline covered that in her post. If you have something that you think is that important you should contact the mods first. If they agree, they'll let you post it.
I understand the self-linking rule and, in general, I agree adhering to it would be best. However, this link being posted by one of the writers of the book referenced makes it not only a scoop, but an incontestibly authoritative one. No question of its validity, which is good for promoting this site's status as the up-to-datest, most accurate place on the Web for Whedon-related info.

It's more than likely that many Whedonesquers who visit krad's LJ will bookmark it and begin checking it with some frequency, thus ensuring he never again has to resort to doing the dirty work of posting his own inside info. ;)

Subject-wise, this looks fantastic. Mixing fans with actors and academic types is a different approach from many books of this type, one that will probably give unusually well-rounded insight into why so many of us fell in love with a show that only lasted half a season.
My apologies. I didn't realize I was breaking a board rule, and that was not my intention in the slightest. I was simply providing information I thought this board would be interested in. I didn't really think of it as self-linking, but of course it is.

Again, I truly apologize for this. It won't happen again....

---KRAD, going into the corner to eat worms
Greetings and salutations, everyone. In those table of contents, you'll find my name and essay 13th from the top. (Look for some bloated title about the captain, his tight pants, and the gals of Serenity.)

Anyway, you all are going to love the book. We lucky contributers received our manuscript proofs a few weeks back, and I assure you, the essays included therein are either incredibly insightful, apppropriately celebratory, funny as hell ... or all three.

And Jane Espenson does indeed make some introductory comments at the beginning of each essay. Which was surprising, at least to me. I didn't know about that until I actually sat down to proof my piece. And then I had to take a deep breath and consider the fact that Jane was discussing my work. (See in every other instance in recorded history, it's been the other way around.)

I can't wait to read everyone's reactions come April. And, hopefully, the book will make the big wait until Septembet not seem so bad.
And, to make myself clear, the "appropriately celebratory" remark refers to all the warm and fuzzy feelings the contributers have toward the show (and the fact that the characters will live on in the movies).

I was NOT referring to the abrupt cancellation, which does still sting. In that regard, there is bitterness aplenty in this book as well.
*waves to Bob* You did a fine job with your essay, too. And it had a much funnier title than mine, so I'm jealous....... *grin*

[ edited by Caroline on 2005-02-06 11:17 ]
krad, please let us know when you've read our board rules. There's something in there about signing posts. Jungleurban, better have a read through too, particularly the part about not discussing board policy on the board itself. Sorry for having to be a bitch about this.
At the risk of being that really annoying kid that sits at the front of the classroom –

Caroline, in no way are you a bitch, keeping order in the classroom is a necessary but thankless task and you are just doing your job, which I am sure everybody understands. And if they don’t, you can always apply ‘six of the best’ and make them understand. But enough of fun and frolics.

This looks like a really great read. I shall certainly be checking it out.

Come to think of it I actually was that kid.
Wow, the book look great, I'm looking forward to reading it.
Krad - don't eat worms, it sounds a bit disgusting and can't possibly taste good.
Highlighting an essay or two that I would be looking forward to seems unfair since I will devour everything, but I'm very expectant (of the funny stuff) in Star Truck by David Gerrold and (the fascinating lanuage stuff) in Ying's Chinese overview (assuming that's Kevin Sullinvan's alter ego as someone pointed out).

Ying, is that you?
Since its on, is there a whedonesque link to order it from? Caroline?
Yes, Kevin Sullivan is Ying.

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