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February 06 2005

Astonishing X-men #8 cover art. This issue should be out on the 16th of this month.

Been a long while since the last issue came out.

What a boring cover. Luckily everything inside will be great, but do we really need another wolvy cover?
Wolverine is so overrated that it's just annoying. Why do so many believe they need to have Wolverine to tell a great X-Men story? BOOOOOORING COVER.
Kinda cool that they look sorta like they're villifying him (tho I doubt he's the traitor without there being a long explanation that makes him un-guilty...), but yeah. Coulda gone for something with a little more oomph myself. Course, the ginormous wait before we saw the cover art couldn't have helped...
"but do we really need another wolvy cover?"

Yep! The fact is that Logan sells comicbooks. Hence why he is even put on covers of issues that he doesn't actually feature in.

I'll admit that Marvel do use him as a cash cow but at the end of the day i still adore the character. I haven't actually read a Marvel comic in years and yet i still consider Logan my ultimate role model so i'm definately not onboard the recent Wolverine backlash bandwagon. The guy is just too cool to dislike. ;)
I wonder if the bad arseness of this cover is the beginning...
The cover is well drawn. Just because 'Wolverine and his claws' as a cover concept has been done to death doesn't suddenly mean this is 'bad art'.

Having said that, I should add that I have been kind of tired of the 'iconic character' covers that marvel has been doing for the last few years. I can sometimes hardly tell when a new issue is out since none of the covers actually tell a story anymore. Especially female character-series all just have the 'look at my bod' covers which, while hardly eyesores, are confusing. I have to flip through it to know if it's a new one or not sometimes.

I agree that Wolverine sells because he IS a good character. In the 90's they nearly overdid him to death, but that's no inherent fault of the character itself. Just bad editor decisions. I get a lot more tired of other aspects of this: every other character always gets to prove how 'cool' they are by beating Wolverine in a training session. Especially in CC's books. First that 'Wolverina-girl', now recently both Storm and Bishop knock the stuffing out of him. And there's a long list of that. Of course if everyone can do that by now, why is it still a sign of coolness??

As for this issue, it coming out on that date....I'll believe it when I see it frankly...

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