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February 06 2005

Watch a clip from the "Gag Reels" from Angel Season 5, the DVD of which is due out February 15. (.wmv)

Not the whole featurette. You'll have to buy the DVD for the whole thing.
From what they are showing here, it looks like this gag reel will be of the entire series
It looks like DB is a fun person to work with.
*sigh* I work at Suncoast and we got a copy in on friday (I assume it's the copy that I reserved since we get reserves in a week or two before the initial shipment). I ALMOST got my boss to sell it to me, but she checked the street date and gave me an evil look. What's a little fine compaired to my happiness?
now I'm definitely going to buy it.
I love Suncoast, thekey1313. You must be in heaven with all The Buffy Palz and figures that come through there.
Awesomeness. Looks like it will be from all five seasons.
Yea, I finally get to post thanks to Caroline. I love the gag reel and will definitely be purchasing season 5 from Season 5 has some of my favorites on it such as Lineage and Smile Time. The thing about dvd is that I love the commentaries. I'm a big Alexis Denisof fan and look forward to seeing him on dvd.

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Welcome Erin Marie. And to greet your first time, can I remind you that you're not to sign your posts. When you get a chance, take a look at the rules on the About Whedonesque page. :).

(And, yes, I really am a moderator despite my current non-blueness. :(. We're experiencing some technical whoopdeedo right now. Should be fixed momentarily . . .)

Xander, yes, the past few months have been Buffyverse heaven for me, especially since we got in the Willow/Tara Together Forever action figures, which I thought i'd have to order online. It rocks getting the figures for about $10. And the Willow's Spellbook set, which according to Toyfare magazine is worth somewhere around $70, I got for $24. I love my job ;-)
I never get why they don't put more gag reels on the season DVD boxes. it's usually about 3 minutes or something. Doesn't everybody love bloopers? Give me half an hour or something!

PS SNT, my sympathies on having been stripped of your rank. Sex scandal I assume?;-)

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I didn't quit; I was pushed . . . No, ED, unfortunately it ain't just me that is experiencing a chromatic crisis . . .

And no, not everybody loves bloopers. I've loved very very few bloopers that have made it onto the DVDs. Usually I sit through them, and a couple make me smile. Some of them are painful. The ones I really like don't make the box sets because they involve cussing and lost tempers . . . but slightly garbled lines and mugging at the camera? not so great. IMO.
SNT, you have to admit that Alyson Hannigan going "Ffft ffft" while waving her hand is an adorable and priceless addition to the collection. I still want to know what that was all about. Cute nonetheless.

I like the gag reels, I just wish they were longer. I'm waiting for the DVDs to watch these because it's always a treat I save for after I've watched all the episodes. That goes for the commentary and featurettes too, mostly.

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I'm with Ed! I would like longer gag reels! Or at least more behind the scenes stuff would be a fun thing to see. The Farscape dvds had some great, fun stuff on them!

SNT - it's just weird not seeing you blue!

And yay Pats!!

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I adore bloopers myself, if for no other reason than it's like a tiny little glimpse at the actual person. Not the character, not the public actor persona, but the person. Cuz I gotta say, none of us are more human than when we screw the hell up. Often repeatedly.
Just for accuracy, I slightly amended the title. Can't wait to get this DVD.
And Alexis and David doing their goofy dances (including Waiting in the Wings) and David's Superman impersonation during an Angelus levitation stunt and who doesn't like "Angel..the Cross Dresser" - an episode that I would have liked to see. Give me more bloopers any day.
Dag nabbit! My Windows Media Player for Mac will only play the sound! Wish they'd come out with an updated version. Uh... that would work with OS 9.1. (Probably not gonna happen.) :(

Anyone know if this can be found elsewhere in another format, by any chance?
Cuz I gotta say, none of us are more human than when we screw the hell up. Often repeatedly.

Jet Wolf, could you be referring to my multiple post on the main page? It's like, my browser had kittens and everyone's invited. ;)

Re: bloopers -- they are precious, wonderful things that are, sadly, often relegated to the cutting room floor. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen in my life has been by actors caught in their most hilariously unguarded moments.

Ever watched any Star Trek: Original Series blooper reels? Talk about pee-your-pants funny. You haven't really hurt yourself laughing until you've watched William Shatner, in Captain Kirk crisis mode, stride right into a sliding door that doesn't slide open -- complete with full-body-contact *thud!* and manic giggles from the guy (not) operating it manually from the other side.
I love the bloopers myself. Alyson calling Buffy "Duffy". Eliza pulling out the light fixture with the crossbow. Seth staring straight at the camera and Nick whacking him, "No staring at the camera. That's bad, very bad." Don't get me started with the ones on 'Firefly'.

Wiseblood, you're right about the Star Trek one with the door. That shocked look on Shatner's face, then the slow smile when he hears the giggles and he knows he been had. Classic!
I adore bloopers myself, if for no other reason than it's like a tiny little glimpse at the actual person. Not the character, not the public actor persona, but the person. Cuz I gotta say, none of us are more human than when we screw the hell up. Often repeatedly.

Totally agree. Plus, some of the moments ARE hilarious.
One of my favorite bloopers reels is the one for Season 3 of Buffy (not sure if it's included on the DVDs, I downloaded it a while back). The best bits are anything with Nick and Seth, the repeated wacking-over-the-head of Giles by Gwendolyn Post, and the bit toward the end there where the oversized vamp Balthazar is having a fit at his minions and the trap door of his tub opens to reveal the actors legs dangling. He lifts them up as if on a swingset and goes, "And that's mah legs". Fits of laughter, that reel.

The bits of this Angel reel weren't bad. David Boreanaz is a funny, goofy man-child. The guy's afraid of chickens! He's awesome. His seeming neurotic goofiness makes him that much more cute.
"We lost Amy" cracked me up big time! Saw the 'Waiting in the Wings' deleted scene last night for the first time - very funny from both Alexis and Amy!
I just love to see David smile so much because Angel hardly ever does it. I hope there are some bloopers for season 5 on there...
It's hard to top Angel's "Fun fact about wops..." line!

And I love the reason Jackie Chan gives for having bloopers at the end of his movies, it's so everyone can see (a) It's him doing the stunt and (b) How hard the stunt actually is.
This is the tape that was shown at the Halloween event a couple of months ago - we were in stitches and laughed so much it got repeated. I guess it must have been David or James's own copy.

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