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February 07 2005

Satu Rautaharju as Joss Whedon's 'Wonder Woman'? "Hollywood sources report that they've seen "Communication Breakdown" star Satu Rautaharju's name mentioned in regards to playing the DC Comics amazon on the big screen."

"The Warner Brothers project, from super producer Joel Silver, will (most likely) be helmed by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" head honcho Joss Whedon, who's big screen directorial debut, "Serenity," hits theaters in September."

Scroll about half-way down to read the complete blurb.

In an entry lower down, there's also a mention of D.B. Woodside's participation in a new project under development called Coffee, Tea or Milk.

(Dialup users beware -- this site crashed my computer twice while I was trying to post this.)

No offense, Wiseblood, but it seems that all the news items on this site are promoting a small group of talent, including this actress. Apparently, they're all involved with this guy's indie movie. It means nothing that I've never heard of them, but the vagueness of the sources and narrowness of the focus make me take this with a big grain of salt.

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Oh, I'm with you, dreamlogic. I've never heard of this guy before, have no idea who he is, and I agree this is pretty tenuous info. His site seems totally self-referential to me, on a cursory read-over, but as a dutiful minion of Whedonesque I posted the link for general discussion of merit (or not) without making any judgments myself. I leave that to the community at large.

If the mods decide it's spurious or irrelevant, I'm sure they'll strike it (but hopefully not me) down with one of their mighty thunderbolts.

For the trouble it caused me getting it up -- multiple posts, crashing browser and all -- I probably should have taken it as a sign....
Is anyone else praying that this isn't true?

She doesn't seem very Wonder Woman-ly to me.
Ah, one of the advantages of the internet 'lets invent a story and see how many people believe us'.

Wiseblood, No big deal but do you really believe this item ?, your comments seems to indicate a lack of faith in your own posting and as a dutiful minion of whedonesque(:)) I'd think you would like to avoid giving credibility to things you yourself dont believe are true ?

Edited to add :
After thinking about it, I'm stupid, better to post to much rather than missing out on something interesting.

I'm still betting that the wonderwoman thing wont happen though and think that a Joss directed X-men film is a lot likelier to happen.

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Well, several news items are posted and discussed here where the credibility was highly questionable. That's how we shake out the facts from the fiction. Being aware of news doesn't mean you have to believe it. Anyone remember the 'Angel's in negotiation with NBC' internet rumor awhile back? That was a hoot of a discussion.

Anyway, I agree that this story requires a large grain of salt. Smells like an internet rumor to me. And why would they be looking for a young actress for the role, wasn't Wonder Woman a mature woman? Just my thoughts...
She looks nothing like Wonder Woman, she's a singer who hasn't done any real acting work, and she looks like a teenager. Yeah, definitely baloney.

BTW wiseblood. I just clicked on the link and it almost crashed my browser too!

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I didn't mean to suggest it shouldn't have been posted. I'm all for posting anything Whedon-related. Probably the only reason I commented was because I'm hoping the "Joss directs Wonder Woman" thing is an ugly rumor, and it keeps mulitplying like a many-headed snake. Whack! Whack! (futile sword hacking sound).
Not to appear too trite but she does appear to have the..umm.. assets that WW requires! The long dark hair I meant, of course!

Also what is with the story at the top:
Richard O'Sullivan...became embroiled in a skirmish with Harry Knowles over an unsold script the journalist reported as an episode of the now-cancelled WB series, "Angel."

Did I miss some story a while back? If so, what was it?
Catalyst2, see this story first, then this one.

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bovik - thanks for that. I really did miss something there but I'm not sure whether I'm glad I missed it or not!

Thanks for the second one too. What a mess - the series of events (not your link). The story was a bit off-target to be too believable but I have seen stranger things turn out to be canon. A sister, after all this tine, WTF?

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Heck I am still praying JW doesn't do this movie. This movie will walk a fine line between ULTRA CAMP and a solid superhero movie. This movie will probably be the hardest superhero movie to date to get right. I just think this movie is destined to be anoter Catwoman.

If Firefly is a big hit, this movie could destroy any major leverage in Hollywood JW gains. Hence no big screen Buffy/Angelverse movie. If Firefly sinks then he does this movie and it bombs, there is no shot of JW being able to do another mega budget film IMO.

I would love JW to drop this project and concentrate on Xmen 3. I think he is better suited for that film then this one by a long shot.

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Heck I am still praying JW doesn't do this movie. This movie will walk a fine line between ULTRA CAMP and a solid superhero movie. This movie will probably be the hardest superhero movie to date to get right. I just think this movie is destined to be anoter Catwoman.

I have to say I have the same fears. Either you change so much that it's not even Wonder Woman anymore, or you stay true to the comics and it might very well look like retro-camp nonsense on the big screen. The costume alone will look silly in real life.

I'm sure a Joss script will far outshine the dreck that was Catwoman, but still, the subject matter is what it is.

Personally, I wish people would stop referring to this as 'Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman' considering we've heard nothing from Joss on this yet. If it's officially announced and confirmed it's one thing, but until then, I'm chalking this up to speculation.
I seem to be the only one excited at the prospect of a Joss Whedon Wonder Woman movie....
Frankly, if they could do something along the lines of Greg Rucka's current run on the book, I think it'd be great. The series has bored me for years; Rucka's mix of American politics and Greek mythology has really gotten my attention.
IMO, I believe Joss' name is starting to get thrown around in these internet rumors due to his success with other projects, namely 'Serenity' and the 'X-Men' comic books. This WW movie project has been in the wings for years now and we seem to hear about it every year. Yet, nothing becomes of it. Could Joss do a wonderful script? Of course. Would Joss be interested? That's the question. Seems he would be more concerned with his current movie at this point. Facts are tending to lean that way. I don't think any of these rumors have any sufferance at all.

And the 'X-Men 3' movie? Read the above.
The Ain't It Cool News story that started the rumors: (here)

Summer Glau's interview at the premiere of Meet The Fockers that seems to confirm Whedon's interest: (here)

Plus, he did say in one of his posts here, "Wonder Woman: Hmmmm....".

Wonder Woman is right up Whedon's alley and he's one of the few who could pull it off.
bookrats, Greg Rucka is doing Wonder Woman books/comics? "Keeper" and "Finder" Greg Rucka?
To all: I was just as baffled by this article as many of you. I guess my line of reasoning when I came across it was more or less along the line of, "toss it into the pirahna tank and see if it swims (or gets out alive)", you know? Survival of the fittest and all that. ;)

Personally, I don't have a strong opinion about JW doing WW. I only vaguely remember the live action series, and I've never read any of the comics. I can see how it makes sense on a purely practical, associative level -- with his involvement in comics, association with the strong-female-superhero archetype, genre chops, and whatnot -- that a studio might particularly want him to do it. What's most important to me is that he wants to do it. Or doesn't. Whichever.

I don't plan on going back to this possibly-most-annoying-to-load-ever site, so perhaps it's the last time this actress's name will come up in conjunction with the project. Blowing what little credibility I may have as a poster was not the objective, I assure you, and if it goes no further than here I'd say the topic's been pretty well-served all around.
From CHUD's Dave Davis:

Considering Whedon isn't even officially signed and the project still doesn't have a script, it's interesting that they're casting the movie already. As far as I've heard he's still meeting with both WB and Fox, who still wants him for X-Men 3, but everyone's afraid to pull the trigger before seeing how Serenity does. When it hits the trades it's a concrete deal. Or as solid as it gets, anyway.

Self-promotion, wishful thinking and fan conjecture is all that's currently online. Especially that chick Jordan Bayne, who's been personally campaigning for the WW role for years -- her camp has again likely been spreading the "rumor" that she's attached.

Barry W, yes currently everybody is just guessing.

But Fox seems to be in a situation where they soon have to announce either a director for X-Men 3 or that they will delay the film, it would make sense for something to be announced at Wondercon 18 - 20 Feb. if they want their announcement to have a big impact.

I'm still betting they give it to Joss and that the WW thing will disappear like fog but my christal ball is a bit uncertain on the details :)
The only way Whedon should do Wonder Woman is if he's allowed to write the script, then executive produce and direct it.

I'd also add a caveat that the only woman on this planet alive today who I want to see playing the amazon princess is Gina Torres with Lawrence Fishburne as her Steve Trevor.

To be honest, I'm afraid there really is no way to do Wonder Woman convincingly. If you were true to the source material it'd be worse than the Corman version of Fantastic Four. If you were true to the spirit of the character, many wouldn't recognize the end result.

Wonder Woman hasn't made any sense since the civil rights movement. Society has simply outgrown this dated piece. Multiple attempts to revise the character have failed, because no one dares tackle the most blatant and obvious problems. Why is an Amazon woman coming all the way to the states from the cradle of civilization, yet curiously dresses up in a one piece bathing suit based off the American flag as if it's as greek as Athens? Why is an Amazon woman naturally assumed to be a white anglo-saxon protestant female? Even if you set the story in the 1940s where it originated, the blatant racism, sexism and bondage issues of the original source material are horridly laughable by today's standards.

How can anyone take the idea of converting this comic book to film seriously?
ZM, you are so right. Gina as WW would totally rock. And adding LF is a stroke of genius I hadn't thought of. Of course, I really haven't thought of the characters since watching reruns of the TV show. And no comic book background either. I guess I'd rather see an original Joss concept than a re-work of someone else's creation. But AXM is doing really well, and I may eventually check that out.
The problem with Gina is that the hardcore fans would never accept her. In order for this film to fly you have to get the hardcore fans to jump on board. I loved Gina in Firefly but I just don't see her playing a WW type character. Part of the problem is I can't get out of my head Gina in Cleopatra 2525. I just don't think she fits the role at all.

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