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February 08 2005

AtS 100th episode wine glasses up on Ebay. Jonathan M. Woodward has put these up for auction, the proceeds to go Tsunami relief. Check 'em out, folks!

# Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
# Used by me, that's ME
# Reported to be stored in a drawer with James Marster's underpants (I'm lying)
# Were never even looked at by David Boreanaz
# Do Not have Clare Kramer's lipstick on them
# In No Way resemble Andy Hallet

Man, this guy is funny! I'm enjoying just reading that. The glasses do look nice too.
Now here's something cool! I'd love those. But of course, with 8 days left, they're bound to shoot through the roof. Well, all the better for the tsunami victims fund.
I'll have to keep an eye on these. He is such a funny guy, I actually enjoyed reading the item description.
Hilarious! I bid on them -- no chance that I'll get them, as they're going to go for major $$ -- but it's nice to knock the prices up some for the tsunami relief folks.
It's kind of interesting to see what he's purchased on Ebay. Odd stuff. I'm an Ebay seller. I can only hope one day Reverend Wallet would buy something from me, not for the money, but for a chance to legitimately interact with him. LOL! I certainly wouldn't be able to afford the glasses!
Guess it's just the pessimist in me, but how do you know it's really him? Is it one of those known things that I just don't know about yet :-)

Maybe I could sell my brother in exchange. Think he wants a younger brother?
Jonathan has an account here. Judging from his username at eBay, yeah, that would be him.
Judging by the sense of humor used to describe them as well, I would say yes that's Woodward. He is a very funny guy.
These really would be cool to have! Too bad I'm poor!
Okay, I have no intention of buying these, as I have zero dollars, but it was worth looking at simply for the product description. Yes, electricspacegirl, Woodward is downright hilarious. If I did buy them, I'd be more keen on putting a framed print-out of this web page than the certificate thingies that supposedly come with them!
Of course it's a lie about the glasses being in a drawer with JM's
underpants. Fans know he doesn't wear any.
what a cutie! that's really great that he put those up for auction and for a great cause. More celebrities should auction of their stuff on ebay so that fans can place bids :)
OMG, I love the description of the glasses. ha ha!!
I like the inside look at what the cast got for the 100th episode. I think those would be cool to have but I have made one major Whedonesque eBay purchase in my life and that is enough. Unfortunately
I'd love to have these! Not only lovely mementoes of Ats but for a great cause and a nice story to go with buying them.
Sure it's for a good cause, yadda yadda...but was does that David line mean??? Everything was funny but that. Of course I could just be a complete moron, and not get humor. Wait, I get humor. I love Joss, right?
I loved it!
What a classic!
Wish I had the money to buy them, what a kool guy.
It'd be nice to just interact with him
Harmalicious, I think he was making fun of all the stuff that get's sold with any tenuious link to DB emphasised. He's being funny and saying "Davids never touched these or even seen them"

I can't work out the connection to Claire Kramer. I can't think they ever worked on the same episode together or why she would have been at the Angel 100th shindig. Or was it a hootnany?

Just clicked on the link to see what the bidding had got to and it's been removed! Does this mean it wasn't genuine? Did Fox object to it being sold? Did DB touch them?

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EBay sent this e-mail message to bidders:

Please be aware that auction:

4073480735 - SPECIAL! ANGEL 100TH EP. WINE GLASSES CHARITY AUCTION! in which you were a bidding participant, has been ended early by eBay for violating one or more of our listing guidelines.

Because the auction was ended early, you as a bidder are not required to complete the transaction. Since this is a listing violation, the seller is free to relist the item in the
proper format. Should you wish to do so, you are free to bid on the item again if it is relisted.

If you care to review our listing guidelines for a better understanding of our auction policies, they can be found at:
I wonder if ebay ended it because they have a new rule about posting auctions for charity. You have to have some kind of proof that the money being raised will indeed be going to the charity mentioned.
Could be Sister Spooky.

Surely Ebay or Paypal could simply send the money direct to the charity if the seller asks them? That way they, and the bidders, would know it was going to the right place. Paypal could even be extra nice and waive their charges....

Edit to add: They do have a system where you select the charity and they send the money direct. But the seller pays the listing fee and they still deduct the credit card fee, at (a slightly high IMHO) 2.9%

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